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Candice Blair

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Original poster
Oct 23, 2020
Did anyone use the AT&T $800 special but pick up their phone at the Apple Store?

How did the process go, and does Apple set up your phone for you, or do you have to do it at AT&T?

I always have problems setting up my phone, so I rather one of them do it?


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Oct 28, 2020
In my experience, the Apple store will guide you through the setup, but I am not sure what the current guidelines are due to COVID. Definitely call Apple, I am sure they can tell you how it works! ?


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Oct 7, 2013
Miami 305
I did. Pre ordered via Apple store app. Didn’t select a trade in as Apple store states not to. Selected next 30. Received email on trade in process. Picked up phone at Apple. Went on AT&T trade in page. Made sure I added the trade in code. Got email with shipping label. Packed 8 plus nicely. Went to ups to drop off. Received a receipt. Now I wait. After going to 1 corporate AT&T store and calling 2 other here in Miami...all acted dumb or clueless. Said I couldn’t trade it in as I bought phone from Apple. I’ve read other who did manage to trade in into AT&T store. I didn’t care to waste my time. So I shipped directly to AT&T.
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