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  1. ArgusArms

    AT&T Service Transfer?

    If anyone has successfully transferred their AT&T phone service to their new Ultra from Apple Watch Series 7, could you please tell me what process you used? I’ve read that I’ll need to either: 1. Remove the series 7, and the phone service, and then add the Ultra. 2. Just set-up the Ultra as a...
  2. tekfranz

    Other Carrier Pricing vs Apple Pricing for Yearly Upgrades. What is the Math long term?

    So in 2021 the carriers gave customers $1000 or so off of an iPhone Pro. It is in monthly installments so about half of the iPhones are paid for by the time a new iPhone comes out. At that point a customer could switch carriers and get the next iPhone for free, presumably. Meanwhile Apple has a...
  3. J

    Carrier Swapping iPhones while on AT&T Next?

    Hey everyone! Question for anyone that may have done this before. I'm trying to get a from-the-field answer before asking AT&T about it (talking to them is always a last resort). ;) I have an iPhone Pro Max, on AT&T, currently being paid for monthly via their Next program. I also have an...
  4. Phil77354

    iPhone 13 Pro Max How can you determine if your iPhone is actually connected at 5G speeds?

    Since it seems that 5G is just now becoming active, I'm curious as to how I can tell if my local service is now implementing 5G. I have AT&T, with a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, and my iPhone display has been showing '5G' since I first purchased the phone several months ago. But I don't think that...
  5. T

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Question: Trade-In to Upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro Max

    Hi there, I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and traded in my iPhone X on pre-order day. I purchased my iPhone 13 Pro Max from the Apple online store on Friday, September 17. I have always used AT&T, and I and specifically chose to trade in on Apple’s website with AT&T in order to get the $800...
  6. T

    iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 13 Pro VS keeping my iPhone 11 Pro??????

    I bought my iPhone 13 Pro a week and a half ago and I am seriously thinking about returning it and keeping my iPhone 11 Pro (partially cause of the cost....partially cause of the camera quality.) I LOVE that the iPhone 13 Pro has RAW capabilities, but picture quality sometimes seems worse than...
  7. JohnSmithy

    SIM Failure after updating to 14.7

    Hi there. Yesterday I finally got around to updating to 14.7 (full release of course, not beta). Immediately after doing so, when my phone rebooted, I get repeated "SIM Failure" popups and have no cell service. The good news, I suppose, is that I realized that after that 10-15 minutes or so...
  8. L

    Carrier Consumer Cellular and 5G: is it possible?

    I have an iPhone 12 mini and use Consumer Cellular (CC) in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would like to take advantage of 5G. I moved my old SIM card from my iPhone SE and can't get 5G service. I chose AT&T as my "provider" through Consumer Cellular (CC) when I signed up. I can see on AT&T's map...
  9. kryptticAZ

    Carrier AT&T Mix and Match Unlimited Pricing Requires all phones on the same plan?

    I just moved our three phone lines to the new unlimited plans with the 25% teacher discount. According to their posted price, it should be $45/month for each Unlimited Elite line and $37.50/month for each Unlimited Extra line. I put one line on the Elite plan and two on the Extra plan to save...
  10. Candice Blair

    Carrier Going to Apple Store for People with AT&T

    Did anyone use the AT&T $800 special but pick up their phone at the Apple Store? How did the process go, and does Apple set up your phone for you, or do you have to do it at AT&T? I always have problems setting up my phone, so I rather one of them do it?
  11. D

    Other iPhone Trade-in through Apple or AT&T

    I'm trying to figure out whom to trade-in my old iPhone Xs Max. I'm looking at getting the 12 Pro Max. Paid off all the installments on my current Xs Max. I have First Net (AT&T). Is the better route to buy directly from Apple and trade-in my Xs Max to them? Or should I trade-in the phone at...
  12. 1

    Transfer AT&T NumberSync to New Apple Watch

    Does anyone else find it damn near impossible to get your AT&T NumberSync service and existing plan transferred from one watch to a new one? Each year, I upgrade to the latest Apple Watch, and each year its a massive ordeal. Two years ago, I bought my new watch from Apple. When it arrived, I...
  13. RSmith2023

    iPhone 11 Pro Dual SIM signal bars

    Why do the signal bars for both my lines on the phone not match up? Aren’t they both using the same antennas and hitting the same towers? iPhone 11 Pro Max
  14. W

    iPhone 11 What would it take to switch?

    Our family lives in a rural, mountainous area where cellular reception is spotty at best. It's one of those places where there may be a tower nearby, but the tower is held by a carrier that doesn't use your cellular circuitry so therefore the tower doesn't necessarily help your cell's reception...

    Carrier AT&T iPhone payoff question

    So I have the iPhone XS Max with AT&T, paying monthly for the phone (AT&T Next Every Year) plan. As of right now I owe $87.20 on the phone, then I can trade in and upgrade early. But I obviously want to wait until September for the new iPhones. My question is, if I pay off the trade in balance...
  16. gabo864

    Carrier AT&T iPhone X and iPhone X Max on Verizon

    I’m currently with At&t and I’m thinking about switching to Verizon. I have an iPhone X max and my wife has an iPhone X. Both phones are paid off and I submitted the request to unlock them and att approved it. Will these phones work on Verizon?
  17. yellowtonkatoy

    Most Futureproof Carrier for iPhone?

    Given the upcoming transition to 5G, which cell carrier is likely to be most futureproof for current iPhones, especially since Apple won’t be making the jump to 5G anytime soon? I’m currently on Verizon, but since they’re shutting down CDMA sometime in 2019, I wonder how seamless that will...
  18. fhturner

    AirPort Extreme routing speed reduced via AT&T Gigapower

    Hey Everyone— Got a weird one here. Back in mid-2017, we got the 1000Mbps x 1000Mbps AT&T GigaPower service. This has been routed (NAT, default host, DNS) via an AirPort Extreme 802.11ac base station, and has worked great. I've regularly speed-tested at >850Mbps both ways**. However, recently...
  19. George Knighton

    Other eSIM Processor Overhead?

    I've seen a couple of posts wherein people have referred to a "chip" on the iPhone that stores eSIM information. Do we know whether there is any processor overhead associated with the use of an eSIM and the A12? If there is even a tiny, incremental overhead, or even a theoretical overhead, I...
  20. D

    Carrier Any advantages between Verizon and AT&T for iPhone XS?

    I just started a new job which provides a free work phone with unlimited data on a network of your choice. So I'll be transferring my personal number and upgrading from my current X to the XS. I've had AT&T for the past decade and never had an issue (live in the northeast) but I now have to...