1. W

    iPhone 11 What would it take to switch?

    Our family lives in a rural, mountainous area where cellular reception is spotty at best. It's one of those places where there may be a tower nearby, but the tower is held by a carrier that doesn't use your cellular circuitry so therefore the tower doesn't necessarily help your cell's reception...

    Carrier AT&T iPhone payoff question

    So I have the iPhone XS Max with AT&T, paying monthly for the phone (AT&T Next Every Year) plan. As of right now I owe $87.20 on the phone, then I can trade in and upgrade early. But I obviously want to wait until September for the new iPhones. My question is, if I pay off the trade in balance...
  3. gabo864

    Carrier AT&T iPhone X and iPhone X Max on Verizon

    I’m currently with At&t and I’m thinking about switching to Verizon. I have an iPhone X max and my wife has an iPhone X. Both phones are paid off and I submitted the request to unlock them and att approved it. Will these phones work on Verizon?
  4. yellowtonkatoy

    Most Futureproof Carrier for iPhone?

    Given the upcoming transition to 5G, which cell carrier is likely to be most futureproof for current iPhones, especially since Apple won’t be making the jump to 5G anytime soon? I’m currently on Verizon, but since they’re shutting down CDMA sometime in 2019, I wonder how seamless that will...
  5. fhturner

    AirPort Extreme routing speed reduced via AT&T Gigapower

    Hey Everyone— Got a weird one here. Back in mid-2017, we got the 1000Mbps x 1000Mbps AT&T GigaPower service. This has been routed (NAT, default host, DNS) via an AirPort Extreme 802.11ac base station, and has worked great. I've regularly speed-tested at >850Mbps both ways**. However, recently...
  6. George Knighton

    Other eSIM Processor Overhead?

    I've seen a couple of posts wherein people have referred to a "chip" on the iPhone that stores eSIM information. Do we know whether there is any processor overhead associated with the use of an eSIM and the A12? If there is even a tiny, incremental overhead, or even a theoretical overhead, I...
  7. D

    Carrier Any advantages between Verizon and AT&T for iPhone XS?

    I just started a new job which provides a free work phone with unlimited data on a network of your choice. So I'll be transferring my personal number and upgrading from my current X to the XS. I've had AT&T for the past decade and never had an issue (live in the northeast) but I now have to...
  8. Stayfly2407

    Verizon iPads will be on MyVerizon app Tomorrow!

    For those who are looking to preorder for Verizon, I just left a Corporate Verizon store and happen to speak to a manager, they’ll have the new iPads on their app and website starting tomorrow. Other carriers may be the same.
  9. S

    Cannot activate S4 on AT&T

    I was not planning on activating the cellular functionality but figured why not. Now it seems like AT&T does not know how to handle. I bought the extra line for it and did go through activating, but it didn't show up after a day. Then I chatted with someone and tried to activate it again, then...
  10. R

    Cellular on Apple Watch series 4

    Don't see this covered anywhere else, so I will start it. AW cellular issues: I have ATT for my new AW SS4. So far, I am underwhelmed. I took it away from home today, leaving behind my iPhone, to see how well it works. Okay, I got plenty of email junk mail. I even made a call to someone in the...
  11. Q

    Put the watch on a personal account, with phone on business

    There has been some discussion on this subject-- but it all seems old and some conflicts. I apologize if theres another relevant thread. My employer provides my iPhone (XS Max backordered :) I am trying to decide which watch to buy myself. I am upgrading from a Series 2 (GPS Only). I dont want...
  12. cwilliams706

    AT&T - Apple Watch Series 4 Preorders

    I figured it would easier to manage if we have carrier specific threads for those of us who chose to preorder through our providers. This is my second preorder for the Apple Watch. My first one was for the S0 42mm SS, which I got directly from Apple. I have to get the GPS + Cellular combo, since...
  13. N

    Carrier AT&T vs Apple Preorder (I have a specific issue/question)

    I bought a Sim free unlocked iPhone X from Apple last year. 6 months later, I moved to a new apartment with a pathetic cellular connectivity. Tried Tmobile, Xfinity Mobile(uses Verizon network) and AT&T Sim cards and have always had issue getting the 2nd bar in my house, which leads me to...
  14. dawindmg08

    Any remedy for an ailing Airport Extreme?

    We're using one of the older Airport Extreme models (A1143 – A1354) in conjunction with an AT&T router at the office. The router only has 1 wireless network radio and we have it set for a 2.4ghz network (for our printer an older devices) while the Airport is in Bridge Mode and running a 5ghz...
  15. S

    iPhone SE iPhone SE in short supply (at ATT)

    I was at a local ATT store and wanted to upgrade my SE to the 128gb version (to keep almost all my iTunes on it). They said they have been having a hard time getting SE's in stock or ordered. One guy said he placed an order for a customer and a day later it was cancelled. The guy I spoke with...
  16. Alch3mist

    iPhone SE ATT Iphone SE and Ipad (2018)..?

    What do you guys think about this deal AT&T is offering with purchase of selected iPhone? $99 32gig Ipad (2018) + 10/mth 1 gig Cellular Service for 24 months = $339 Cost to own or $199 128gig Ipad (2018) + 10/mth 1 gig of Cellular Service for 24 months = $439 Cost to own And iPhone SE for...
  17. J

    iPhone X A1865 iPhone X switch from Verizon to AT&T - No LTE

    Hey all, A couple days back I switched from a Verizon personal account to an AT&T business account. The A1865 X was purchased from Apple through IUP with Verizon. Had the SIM mailed to me from AT&T, stuck it in the iPhone, restarted. Was immediately able to make and receive calls and receive...
  18. jent

    Carrier iPhone unlocking services when on installment plan (AT&T Next)

    I know there are several threads about this, but I'm wondering if anyone can share information about using any third-party unlocking services when still under a monthly installation plan (not contract). I'm on AT&T Next and don't want to pay off the phone to be eligible for an unlock because...
  19. S

    iPhone Way to carrier unlock iphone 3gs with 5.16.08 baseband ios 6.1.6?

    Hi, I just got a iphone 3gs 32gb from a friend and have already jailbroken it and can't find a way to carrier unlock it with my current ios and baseband version. I'd be ok with the imei paying online method but if there's an easier or free way that would help. The first 5 S/N digits are 85946...
  20. Crash Davis

    Carrier Switching from Grandfathered to AT&T Unlimited Plus?

    I was considering finally giving up my grandfathered unlimited plan and switching to the newer AT&T Unlimited Plus. But the comparison feature on my account shows I'd pay MORE. Is that what I should expect?