Good mouse for a Mac?

Gary King

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Jun 14, 2004
What are some good Mac mice? That has 2 buttons or more, by the way.

I'm thinking of the MX1000?

Also, I like my mouse to be as sensitive as possible. I've set my sensitivity to max, but it still moves slower than on my Windows. And when I really want to move slowly on Mac, it moves super-slow. I'm thinking of going full out accurate, and getting a MX1000 for Windows/Mac.


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Mar 13, 2005
I recently brought the Microsoft optical mouse by Starck (or S+arck!). Its a simple but elegant wired optical mouse. Got it for around £16 and its great. The style is superb and the feel of it is excelent. I have other Microsoft optical mice and they sometimes stick to the surface etc, this one doesn't! Smooth all the way. It has a funky colour strip down the middle and you can have an orange or blue one. It lights up when plugged in and looks cool in the dark. The buttons are similar in concept to Apples. It has 2 buttons but the buttons are very large and almost the entire top part of the mouse clicks, as in the Apple ones. Its metal finish looks excellent next to my PowerBook.

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