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Apr 12, 2001

Google today held its annual "Made by Google" fall event, unveiling a new line of products that included the all-new Google Pixel 3 smartphone, a screen-based smart speaker, and a new tablet. Notably, Google pointed out at the beginning of its presentation that 2018 marks the 20 year anniversary of the search giant.


The central announcement at the event was the 5.5-inch Google Pixel 3 and 6.3-inch Pixel 3 XL. The Pixel 3 XL has an edge-to-edge display and a notch at the top of the smartphone that holds its front-facing camera system, akin to iPhone X onwards. Unlike Apple's smartphones, the Pixel 3 XL has a chin on the bottom of the device.

The company focused on the Pixel 3's advanced camera, including an HDR+ mode and "Top Shot," which automatically captures multiple shots with HDR+ and recommends one that might be better than your photo. Night Sight will enhance photos captured in low-light scenarios, and Google compared nighttime images on the iPhone XS with those taken on Pixel 3. Users can also now edit the depth of field effect in portrait mode, like on iPhone XS and XS Max.


The second camera on the front of the Pixel 3 smartphone allows for a group selfie feature, which captures 184 percent more of a scene than the iPhone XS, according to Google. The new smartphone also has a few AR features on the camera called Google Playground, including characters from The Avengers and an animated version of Childish Gambino created in partnership with Donald Glover.

Outside of the camera, Google Pixel 3 has a Call Screen feature, where Google Assistant can answer a call for you when you can't or don't want to pick up the phone. The Assistant asks the caller who is calling and to leave a message, and the entire conversation is transcribed live on the smartphone, so you can read along as the conversation happens.

Google Pixel 3 is available to pre-order today and launches on October 18 in the United States and other countries, starting at $799. The Pixel 3 XL starts at $899, and both are available in Just Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink. A new Qi-compatible Pixel Stand will also be available for $79.


Google Home Hub is the company's latest smart home speaker, allowing users to access YouTube, Google Photos, and more on its 7-inch screen. Google says it decided to not include a camera in Home Hub to enhance privacy, and an Ambient EQ feature automatically adjusts display brightness in relation to the light in the room.

The company gave numerous examples of how you can use Google Home Hub, including following recipes in the kitchen provided by Tasty, or controlling smart home products. In regards to the latter feature, Google built a "Home View" section on Home Hub, where you can drag down from the top of the screen to see a quick update on your smart lights, locks, and thermostats in one place, like Apple's Home app on iOS. The Google Home mobile app is also updating to match Home View's design.

Google Home Hub will cost $149 and launch later this month on October 22.


The company then went on to talk about the Google Pixel Slate, a new Chrome OS tablet that is aimed at use both in the workplace and for entertainment at home. The tablet has dual front-firing speakers, 8MP rear and front facing cameras with portrait modes, a 12-hour battery life, and a 12.3-inch Molecular Display with 293 pixels per inch.

On Pixel Slate, Chrome OS has been adjusted to specifically fit the tablet. This includes features like split screen, a new app launcher, deeper integration with Google Assistant, family link, do not disturb, and "nightlight" to reduce blue light on the display at nighttime.

Google Pixel Slate will start at $599 when it launches later this year in the United States. A connected keyboard and case accessory, the Slate Keyboard, will cost $199, while the Pixelbook Pen in a new midnight blue color (to match Pixel Slate) will cost $99.

More information on Google's announcements can be found on the company's website and on the Made by Google YouTube channel.

Article Link: Google Announces Pixel 3 Smartphone, 'Home Hub' Smart Speaker, and Pixel Slate Tablet


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Nov 19, 2012
That notch, that chin. Urgh. It is literally like Google designers sat in a meeting and deliberately tried to make sure they did something worse than the iPhone, rather than beat it. SMH. Indifferent hardware specs as well.

The software stuff is pretty cool, like answering the phone and transcribing for you, but otherwise all three devices are priced premium but massively underwhelm.

Still gonna rock my Pixel 1, especially at those ludicrous prices. (Thanks Apple for helping make that happen). Was really hoping to want to upgrade.


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Mar 8, 2011
"Google will never add a notch" - Adds a notch for a stupid "GROUPIE" camera...
"Google will never charge $1k for a phone" - Google Pixel 3 XL 128gb for $999

I will say the slate is an impressive device and makes me happy that a native linux device exists that will support way more OS's than just ChromeOS but the price of it is close to a surface pro. Why would a normal consumer buy a ChromeOS device when they run windows and can buy a windows device that they are familiar with and works just like their computer?

I was thinking google would make it cheaper so more people are eager to buy it cause of its price but doesnt seem like thats going to happen.

Regardless of every thing being leaked, it was a very rushed event.
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Oct 21, 2008
Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!
I’ve already posted in another thread, but to sum up, the worlds UGLIST notch design ever! They should of just marketed this as a Nexus device and knocked at LEAST 300 off its price! Then it would of been ok....

They then go and take on the Echo Show? And that Facebook thing? Why oh why??? Seems pointless.

As for the tablet.. why are they going to take on Apple and Microsoft? In the tablet space? No one will buy it or care.. what a waste.

Google can make some damn clever software, but they also announce cool features they later just ditch all support for..

They seem to be a confused company of late?

But God damn they can make a single camera work!

Apple definitely has one over Google this year, it’s positions the Apple Watch really well, which you then need an iPhone for, clever.
Plus tomorrow Razer have an event to launch their new phone and in a couple of weeks we have the new One Plus event, both devices design wise will outclass the Pixel 3 with ease and have good support.. oh dear..


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Oct 22, 2010
omg it was embarrassing that photo is fake xs doesn't take a pic like that, never trust a company that lies, the phone is horrible, chin yuk
Lets wait for real reviews because I for one would really like Pixel 3 to be much better with photos than iPhone. Why, you may ask? Not because I want one but because if there is a better tech from other company than Apple then next year we will see Apple kick some ass. :)
Competition is good and it would be great to have some better tech outside Apple so Apple is not getting comfortable.


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Jun 22, 2006
The thick of it
Notch and chin? Come on.
What I find odd is that if they got rid of the chin, they wouldn't need the notch. That would have made a much more attractive looking device. I agree, having both is a poor choice. At least with the iPhone X, I could understand the need for the notch given all the cameras and sensors underneath.
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Feb 9, 2008
That notch, mismatched chin, and cheap looking back... I'm glad there are other Android manufacturers out there to choose from.


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Nov 5, 2007
Outside of the camera, Google Pixel 3 has a Call Screen feature, where Google Assistant can answer a call for you when you can't or don't want to pick up the phone. The Assistant asks the caller who is calling and to leave a message, and the entire conversation is transcribed live on the smartphone, so you can read along as the conversation happens.

This almost seems worth the price alone. The thought of sending spam calls into a loop of discussions with an AI assistant makes me very exciting. I'd like a button that after the transcription makes it clear this is spam we could push to put the AI into a delay and extend mode where it just trolls the spam caller for as long as it can until they hang up.


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Jun 13, 2009
So, why would anyone buy a Pixel slate instead of a Surface (that runs a real OS and is a productivity beast) or an iPad (that has a way more tablet specific apps and is a far better tablet)? That product is 200% DOA.
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