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Apr 12, 2001

Google this morning posted a story on its Keyword Blog that highlights the ongoing growth of its AI helper, Google Assistant. According to the company, the Assistant now works with "every major device brand" in the U.S., meaning that it can connect with more than 5,000 smart home devices, up from 1,500 in January.

This growth period saw media and entertainment queries increase by 400 percent, with Google users taking advantage of "OK Google" commands on Android TV, smart TVs, and Chromecast. Another popular area for Google is security cameras like Nest's products, including the Nest Hello doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, Nest can communicate a chime to Google Home, play a livestream on Chromecast, and then users can respond to their visitor on their smartphone.


Google also laid out plans for Assistant expansions later this year, including placing the Assistant on DISH Hopper receivers, Logitech Harmony remotes, smart door locks from August and Schlage, security cameras from Panasonic, and alarm brand support from ADT, First Alert, and Vivint Smart Home.
Over the past year, we've made great progress ensuring that the Google Assistant can work with all types of connected devices, and now every major device brand works with the Assistant in the U.S.

Just how many devices is that? Today, the Google Assistant can connect with more than 5,000 devices for your home--up from 1,500 this January. That includes cameras, dishwashers, doorbells, dryers, lights, plugs, thermostats, security systems, switches, vacuums, washers, fans, locks, sensors, heaters, AC units, air purifiers, refrigerators, ovens ... we can keep on going!
For home automation, Apple's solution is HomeKit and Siri. Although not an exact comparison due to potentially missing products, Apple's website has a list of HomeKit-compatible smart home products that reaches to about 200 as of writing, with some yet to launch. Even if it is missing numerous smart home devices, Siri would still be far below Google's newly reported compatibility number. Amazon's Alexa assistant is leading the field through support of more than 12,000 smart home products.

HomeKit users are currently waiting for support from devices like the Ring line of doorbells, while integration with Nest's products is less likely after Nest and Google doubled down on hardware collaborations.

For Siri, Apple's assistant remains many users' least favorite part of their Apple devices, with Siri amassing a 20 percent satisfaction rate among early adopters of the iPhone X. In a recent report by The Information, Siri was described as "limited compared to the competition" like Google Assistant, and the report went so far as to say that the assistant has become a "major problem" within Apple, originating from the company's decision to rush the technology into the iPhone 4s.


Many have theorized the reason behind Siri's lackluster performance could be Apple's commitment to user privacy, unlike Google's actions of leveraging and retaining user data off-device in an effort to enhance queries.

Siri co-founder and creator Norman Winarsky looked back on the digital assistant's creation earlier this year. In an interview, he discussed Apple's decision to "take Siri in a very different direction than the one its founders envisioned," the original plan to focus Siri's intelligence on a few key areas and "gradually" expand its knowledge, and finally stated that Apple is now "looking for a level of perfection they can't get."

As Apple continues to expand Siri, the company in April hired John Giannandrea from Google's own search and artificial intelligence division. Apple's latest Siri- and HomeKit-supported device is HomePod, which allows users to invoke the assistant and interact with compatible products like Philips Hue lights, Ecobee thermostats, August smart locks, and more.

Google is expected to reveal more news about Assistant and other products and services during its I/O conference later this month.

Article Link: Google Says Assistant Works With Over 5,000 Smart Home Devices, HomeKit/Siri Around 200


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Oct 21, 2009
Homekit is an abomination. I have one device which uses it, an Ecobee thermostat. Its far easier to use my echo to control it then to do anything with it through HomeKit. Also as much as I would like to buy some home automation light switches there are so few choices that will work with HomeKit it makes it just make no sense to do.


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Aug 14, 2008
Can just imagine how many of those 5000 devices have poor security.

Or don't actually benefit from being connected devices.

The 5,000 number sounds impressive but what does it mean? How many devices realistically can one household have and benefit from. Reminds me of Android in their land grab days, fragmentation city. Lets get as many irrelevant connected devices as possible never mind what they are!


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Jun 5, 2015
This is like Cable TV. You may pay for 500 channels, but you only really watch only a handful. Google may have hooked up with 5000 services, but realistically if most people use a handful in the 200 that Apple supports, its covered.
True. But 5000 gives me an option to choose different vendor with different pricing to my liking. But with 200, I may not have that option. But then with Apple homekit integration, I don't expect cheaper price.

Precision Gem

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Jun 3, 2015
I wonder how many people actually use these devices, other than the first time they hooked it up. I can't picture wanting to control my dishwasher from my phone.
A thermostat makes sense, and a door lock, maybe turn a light on when you are not home. Beyond that, if I want to make toast, most likely I'm standing in front of the toaster and simply turning the toaster on makes more sense than taking out my phone to do it.


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Apr 21, 2003
The integration of Google Assistant is excellent, along with other services such as IFTTT and others.

What good is Home Kit if it supports so little smart devices? Home Kit is sadly very lacking. Yes, you can hobble together Homebridge to make HomeKit useful, but ultimately, you shouldn't need to.


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Nov 16, 2017
HomeKit has a bit of a learning curve through the home app. Once you get used to how it works it actually is a much cleaner system to get setup than Alexa (never used google so can’t speak to their setup). I find Siri is the most reliable to get something done. My iHome plugs work 100% of the time with Siri whereas Alexa has some issues with disconnecting periodically. Now that HomeKit only requires the software authentication instead of the hardware component I bet we start seeing a lot more HomeKit compatible devices roll out.
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Sep 29, 2014
Homekit is an abomination. I have one device which uses it, an Ecobee thermostat. Its far easier to use my echo to control it then to do anything with it through HomeKit. Also as much as I would like to buy some home automation light switches there are so few choices that will work with HomeKit it makes it just make no sense to do.
You need a hub but Lutron Caseta has been fantastic. My Hue lights have been very good but a few, every so often, will either not come on or go off on schedule. My Lutron switches work time and time again. My outdoor lights have become pleasant to own since automating their on/off schedule.
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Apr 21, 2004
I have a 3rd gen nest and just got a nest remote temp sensor on order. I’m totally happy with it. Just wish it had native iPhone support but the nest app is really great. I’m dismayed to read poor reviews about HomeKit in this thread.

Re: nest It’s good to have a company that started with one product refine it over the years. I know it’s been bought by google but still.
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