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Apr 12, 2001

Google is reportedly testing a dark mode for its desktop web search site, following a trend of introducing darker user interfaces across its mobile apps.

Image via 9to5Google

Apple introduced Dark Mode in macOS Mojave and iOS 13, and support for the system-wide option is now a staple feature of most third-party apps on both mobile and desktop.

For example, Google has added belated support for Dark Mode to its Gmail and Search apps, but it looks like Google for desktop web could be on its way, too.

According to 9to5Google, the tech giant is performing A/B testing of a dark interface for desktop-based browser searches for a random selection of users.

Instead of the traditional plain white background, users are seeing a dark grey color on the Google search page, with results appearing in lighter text. Black text is now gray, while a different shade of blue is being used for page names/links.

Other affected page elements include the Google logo altered to match the background, and the search filters like Images and News, which are now blue.
It's not clear how long Google plans to test the feature before rolling it out to all users, but if it's anything like how long it took to bring Dark Mode to Gmail, it could be a while yet.

In the meantime, users who want to try a web browsing experience that's easier on the eyes should check out the browser extension Dark Reader, available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Article Link: Google Tests Dark Mode for Its Desktop Web Search Page


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Sep 16, 2006
I switched to DuckDuckGo on my iPhone for this exact reason.
I use my phone before going to sleep, and seeing a white Google page would definitely affect my sleep quality.


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Jan 29, 2016
St. John's, Newfoundland
I should probably add something to this thread something outside of some silly scenarios, in that when doing some housework this morning the Google Nest Mini I have kept telling it had a glitch or something go wrong when I would ask it to perform a task. This was during the outage of YouTube and Gmail so I guess Google's Smart Devices had a hiccup as well. I was asking it to play a audio track, which would be through my Spotify account, but it wouldn't work.


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Aug 12, 2016
inside your DSDT
Not sure why some folks too afraid with privacy infiltration by using Google search....they can use brand new fresh install, separate dedicated browser without account sign-in just to use Google Search.

If Google is evil, you should outsmart the devil while still using their core best features. No privacy data harmed.


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Sep 25, 2009
Orlando, FL
I was quick to switch iOS and all of my apps to dark mode, but when it comes to Google search the dark background really throws me off for some reason. Not for me.


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Jan 23, 2005
And their dark mode looks way better than Google's current implementation.

I try to use DuckDuckGo as much as possible since I do not want to support Google, but I have to admit I almost always switch to Google because their search is just way better :/

True. However its results are substandard at best.
I do use it as my default engine but more often than not I need to switch back to Google to do stuff…

Try Startpage. You get Google results without using Google.
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