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Apr 12, 2001

A bug in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is preventing Safari from loading AMP links for Google search results, but the issue is not intentional and Google is preparing a fix that's set to be released in the near future.


Developer Jeff Johnson today published a blog post speculating on whether Google had intentionally disabled AMP links for Google search results in Safari on devices running iOS 15 (via MacStories) after he noticed their disappearance.

As he noted, Safari's Google search results do not include AMP links on devices running iOS 15, but AMP content still loads in iOS 14 and in other browsers like Chrome for iOS. Johnson wondered whether Google had decided to disable AMP in iOS 15 due to the prevalence of Safari extensions that feature AMP-blocking features.

That Google search results do not include AMP links in the Safari browser on iOS 15 is a bug, according to Google's public search liaison Danny Sullivan. In a tweet, Sullivan said that Google is working on a fix and that the issue should be resolved soon.

For those unfamiliar with AMP, it stands for "Accelerated Mobile Pages" and it is a feature that's designed to make webpages load faster on mobile devices. AMP pages are cached, allowing them to be presented to users more quickly, but it's something that is not always popular with users because some website features are disabled when AMP is used.

When Google does re-implement AMP links, iOS 15 Safari extensions like Amplosion are available to redirect AMP links to standard webpages.

Article Link: Google to Fix Bug That Disables Safari AMP Search Results on iOS 15 Devices


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Apr 19, 2010
If someone does this to Google on a large scale, where all of Google and its services come under someone else's domain, so that thousands of users would take advantage of Google's features but never leave the other domain and the other domain would control much of the interface, grab all the analytics, display ads, etc...Google would sue.
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Feb 24, 2007
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Anyone know a good app to block AMP pages on iOS? Bonus points if it has a cool dog
So, say there was such an app…. Is it possible that said app could be rendered ineffective by Google at some time in the near future?

I assume the developer would have to be a smart fella, and could deal with it in kind?

I’d sure love to blow up AMP for good!



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Oct 23, 2014
Can we also fix how YouTube videos now auto play when you simply swipe over them scrolling on a website? Super annoying and I want my data back!
Yup, suddenly I'm thinking that upgrading to iOS 15 just to get the text magnifier wasn't worth it. I should have stayed on 14.8.
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