Got an iPad - I don't get it.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by pkts, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. pkts macrumors member

    Jun 29, 2007
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong here but there are some glaring issues for me with my new iPad 32GB WIFI.

    1. The sides are too takes quite a grip to hold it up. If I put it on my desk, I might as well have a laptop. If I sit and place it on my lap, I might as well have a laptop. The whole idea for me was to lounge with it but it isn't all that comfortable. If I keep it, I'll have a sore neck and really strong forearm muscles.

    2. My gmail doesn't push to apple Mail. How awesome is this for email if my underpowered phone has push gmail but not this?

    3. Getting a password manager database on it is a pain and the best one I can find runs in iPhone mode (half screen). What I mean is that I have to open mykeepass and then browse on my laptop to the address and then upload the file. Why can't I just drop files onto it like my phone?

    4. Getting files on it that aren't Apple approved (music, photos, videos) is not addressed by Apple but relies on third party apps (dropbox etc). Maybe I don't want to upload certain files to the cloud. Yes, I know I can load files that associate with things like good reader but one of the reasons I buy Apple products is for the ease of use. I want drag and drop...I don't want to delve into the options to load the files that are specific for each app that allows them. Plus, I don't want to have to research apps to find the ones that allow each type of file I want to use.

    5. Perhaps the way I use computers is not the way an iPad works but when I'm surfing I like to open tabs as I go and then come back to them as I feel like it. Safari on the iPad doesn't work like that. If I have 6 tabs open and I don't go between the two that I just opened, each time I open one I has to reload the page? The process with an iPad seems to be very stop and start. Where do I want to go. Ok, right...hit home...ok click safari. Oh wait I need to copy and paste. Ok, hit home. Open Notes. Paste it in. Hit home. Back to Safari. Oh, I wanted a different tab. Find that....wait for it to open. How is this an improvement over apple tab-ing my way around my laptop?

    6. It has a beautiful screen but, especially when I'm watching movies, I'm constantly hunting around with the way I hold it to actually not see reflections of my face, or table lamps or windows. I can't even imagine how tough it would be outside.

    7. Why can't I selectively tell it which movies to sync, I can do it with music, why not movies (which take 100X the space).

    8. Why does the iPad automatically sync all my iPhone 1G apps? It would seem like an obvious choice to split the devices in my iTunes and then ask me if i want to import those apps (or only the ipad designed ones) to my iPad settings. Strangely enough, I don't want a bunch of iPhone designed apps that look like crap on my iPad.

    9. I have a long WIFI password. It works on my Macs, my linux, my iPhone, my win 7, my Android phone. But wait, it is a few characters too long for my iPad and I have to change it because of that. If I wanted a product that forced me to bend to its needs, I would have bought a PC tablet

    Probably this is just a bad fit for me. Everything about a laptop seems more intuitive and powerful. That was my initial impression when I saw the's good for simplistic users, kids, old people. But I guess I bought into the whole "magical" thing and the raves on here about the life-changing ability of the iPad.

    Can anyone tell me if some of my issues with the iPad have fixes? Comments like "Why'd you buy it then", "Just return it" and "You're just a hater", while tremendously helpful, will just be ignored.

    Thought I'd mention that I have a lot of Apple product though less with time as I disagree with direction of some of the products. First Mac was the first Macintosh when I was a kid. Went back to them in 2001 and had 3 since. Bought 2nd gen Ipod 20GB (20GB, man I'll NEVER fill this thing up! LOL). Bought iPhone 1G on launch day. I give credit to Apple when they make something awesome like the MB and MBP, iPod and iPhone. But this iPad, it's the first time in a long time I bought something from Apple and was really meh. Worse, it feels like it's fighting me...NO you can't do that. I don't know if I can do some internet research to find a workaround!
  2. browellm macrumors newbie

    Sep 27, 2010
  3. LiloThePleo macrumors 6502

    Aug 8, 2010
    Did you do any research before buying? (Sorry had to ask) I can answer a couple of Q's though...

    1) Buy a good case or silicon cover, works a treat and protects your ipad too.

    5) Try atomic or Icab (I prefer Icab) they are good tabbed browsers, you can import your bookmarks and they don't reload tabs every five seconds.

    6) A anti glare screen protector is brilliant. And again has the advantage of protecting your ipad.

    7) You can, navigate to movies in itunes and uncheck the automatically include button. (Under your ipad of course)
  4. seajay96 macrumors 6502

    Jun 26, 2010
    Try holding it with your fingers on the apple logo on the back, it has more friction

    It may not be push, but you can set it up to fetch automatically

    Which one are you using? 1password has an iPad app

    You can, in iTunes, on the movie tab, uncheck the box marked "automatically include..." and select the movies you want

    Again, in iTunes, go to the app tab and uncheck the box marked "automatically sync new apps"

    Maybe you just need to spend a little time getting to know it? It is NOT a laptop and things about it work differently. And, you may be right that it's not for you, but you already bought it, give it a chance.
  5. browellm macrumors newbie

    Sep 27, 2010
    It is when you set it up in the way I described.
  6. LAnMarc macrumors member


    May 11, 2010
    Adelaide South Australia
    8) Solution is similar to 7) above. Just un-check the option to automatically sync new apps.

    I agree that the screen has a reflection problem, especially with dark backgrounds in movies, but no worse than any laptop with a "super-brite" screen.
  7. seajay96 macrumors 6502

    Jun 26, 2010
    Ooh, didn't read that link....I was happy with fetch, but maybe I will change to that setup
  8. THX1139 macrumors 68000


    Mar 4, 2006
    It seems you are expecting a $500+ device to behave like a $2000+ laptop. I see the iPad as media viewing device that allows for simple applications. It's a cross between a full fledged laptop and an iPod. What else did you expect it to be? It's perfect for times when you don't need horsepower and just want to view content or do simple tasks. If you think it is heavy, how does it compare to a laptop?

    The glare issue isn't exclusive to the iPad, so that's a moot point.

    If you are having trouble holding it, there are cases on the market that allow you to prop it up. Or, perhaps you need to hit the gym? :D

    But I do agree that the iPad is a bit over designed instead of functional. I would like to see Apple create something that has the form factor of a Kindle but with more functionality. Something that isn't all glass and chrome and can be tossed into a back pack without worrying about scratches. I was watching an old episode of Star Trek Voyager a few weeks ago. The characters on the show are usually carrying around smallish tablet devices. I would like to see Apple make something like that, even if they were made of durable coated plastic or hard rubber surface materials instead of glass and chrome. Then they should make a charging doc that will allow it to interface with your desktop. Why can't they give us something like that for a few hundred bucks?
  9. AngelusV macrumors newbie

    Sep 29, 2010
    Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

    This is honestly how I have to look at my iPad everyday. I recently bought mine about a week ago, and I had a lot of expectations. I wanted it to be my answer to a lot of things, but it wasn't. It's not magical at all, and it's not this amazing problem solver. In fact, at first I wondered why I bought it. That's when I reminded myself of the original quote in my post.

    The iPad is what you make of it, and it's up to you to figure out how to make it a tool best suited for your own needs. First thing I suggest is to put a cover on it, anti-glare protector on the screen and don't baby it. It's more sturdy when it looks, so don't be afraid to grab onto it, and make it conform to you while you're sitting around. I don't know about you, but between my iphone and ipad chiming every 15 minutes, gmail works fine for me on iOS. Try using USB Disk to upload files to your iPad. Look into Atomic or Perfect browser for your tab surfing needs. Do a little research while syncing, and realize those boxes in the respective tab areas are your gateway to your personal preference in media.

    I do agree with you that the apps seemed a little disappointing, but doing a little research has really shown me that if there's a need, there's an app for it. You just need to look around, and most of the time you can get it free. If you've done any research on the new update coming in November, I promise you're in for a treat. There are a lot of well deserved tweaks coming that I believe will close the gap between netbook and ipad just a little bit more.

    In retrospect to what I've said so far, just try and give it a chance to grow on you. I'm not saying it's perfect, but your expectations will hurt you more than anything else. I know you have the right to expect something paying $600+, but I really think in the end it will work out for you. Just give it time.

    Oh and trust me, I relate to your complaints... you're my first post.
  10. pkts thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 29, 2007
    Thanks to everyone for all the answers, I was pleasantly surprised by the mostly helpful responses.

    Thanks for the link browellm, counter-intuitive is totally fine...I'll try it that way. :)

    Lilo, since I'm on the fence about the iPad, I'm holding off on buying accessories like a case. I understand I might be shooting myself in the foot but I've always been a naked Apple user. I'll try iCab, 2 bucks is reasonable price for a better browsing experience. The app store doesn't have a 24 hour trial does it (like the Android market)? Thanks for the movies sync option. I should have done more of this stuff when it wasn't 2am.

    Seajay, I'll try using the logo on the back for grip. I'm using mykeepass (unfortunate name) but I can see that one password would be good. 10 bucks seems a bit steep for a fairly simplistic programs that I use an open source version off on every other platform. Also, I'm not sure what file type it uses and if I can import all the info. I'll do some research. I'll give it some more time...I guess, based on our posts, I thought I'd be drawn to using it instead of my other computers but I have to push myself to think to pick it up.

    I suppose some of my gripes come from the fact that I use a lot of open source software so its an adjustment to pay for a fair few apps I need on the iPad.

    Lanmark, yes, I agree the reflections are about as bad as glossy screens but my larger monitors are matte so I hadn't noticed it. Plus, on a laptop the screen is usually vertical and further away so, since the ipad is closer, it has a more noticeable mirror effect and when it is more horizontal when i lie in bed, it just catches the lights in the ceiling. But I'm picky I guess.

    THX, your example is exaggerated. My $1K Macbook is perfectly fine as an effective laptop and a midrange iPad with 3G costs $700ish so it's hardly $500 vs $2000. Yes, it is light compared to a laptop, I just find that holding it up for an hour gets irritating - its more of a repetitive muscle thing than me being a wimp :) Or aybe it's just meant for smaller amounts of time. I can't imagine watching a 2 hour movie on it.

    I think you have described the iPad very's a media device and I guess I don't watch that much media that can be viewed on it. My mistake, I should have researched that part more. If I want to listen to music then an iPod makes more sense, for a movie I'd rather a nice big screen TV (though I admit movies look and sound very nice on the iPad). And I mostly watch live TV so it's not really good for that. Totally agree with you on them needing to sell a cheaper, less sleek, more rugged version. A lot of people seem to put rugged cases over their iPads. Why not just make a version that does that by itself with a uglier design but more function - usb, hdmi out.
  11. spammerhamster macrumors 6502

    Feb 5, 2010
    All these issues are your own issues. If you just spend a bit more time you could have figured out how to do it the right way. but alas:

    Everything new is slippery, it gets more friction over time. But if you can't wait, buy a sillicon or a back decal to make the back less slippery.

    Set it up the right way. Google for "gmail push iphone/ipad" and it'll tell you to use "exchange"

    Get 1passwordPro for ipad

    Do drag and drop then. Open iTunes, apps. And scroll down to see the app's individual space where you can drop all the things in you want.

    tabs problem-> get the alternative browsers like iCab.
    quickpasting-> wait for iOS4.2 coming to an iTunes near you on November 21

    set brightness to high

    go to itunes, deselect "sync all" and gasp... select the movies indvidually..

    Go to apps, deselect "sync apps", select it again, sort by iPad and only select your iPad apps.

    don't use wifi. Or change to a normal password

    Bring it back and wait till iOS4.2 to buy again.
  12. pkts thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 29, 2007
    Thanks Angelus, we seem to be on the same page with this. I definitely agree with your quote. I don't think I had big expectations, I'm not the kind of person to nitpick with technology. I just have a gut sense whether the pros and cons work for me with a device. I guess I was just expecting more ease of use. I remember getting the iphone and loving the touch interface, the almost psychic way it knew which link I was trying to select on a web page full of tiny ones and how everything just worked like it always should. Perhaps some of the wow factor is already gone due to the iphone experience. I was never a huge fan of the app store, it always seems hard to find/search for what you are looking for. It's either blind searches in the app store under categories or web searching for random review of apps or top 10 lists.

    Thanks for the app suggestions. I have my fingers crossed for the Nov update...I'm just surprised a lot of these issues are outstanding 4+ months after it was released. And this is the first Apple product I've had to 'figure out' rather than the way being pretty dang obvious.

    Thanks SpammerHamster for supplying the response I was expecting. So, the "right way" to figure out how to setup gmail correctly on a iPad is NOT to select GMAIL in the options but to first google it and then go in a different direction? Awesome !

    Thanks for the laugh. Don't use WIFI? Switch to a 'regular' password? The existing password works on my Linux desktop, my Win 7 laptop, my iPhone, my android phone and every Mac in the house.
  13. Piggie macrumors G3


    Feb 23, 2010
    Actually, listening to the Engadget Podcast yesterday they said something I'd never thought about, but could be true to some degree.

    Apple might not want to push the iPad too far as a powerful computing platform in the future as the only people they will harm is themselves.

    They have their MacBook line to protect, and the last thing they want to do it to Take Macbook sales away and make people buy iPad's instead.

    So, they might always wish to hold the iPad back from becoming too great because of this, and keep it as a limited functionality device.

    We are not there yet, but I can see some possible truth in this point of view as we move into the future.

    Other companies won't have this problem as can push their tablets further and further, making them more complete devices in their own right.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the future.

    Either Apple will end up scrapping Macbooks totally and making them as Tablets perhaps with separate or removable keyboard.

    Or they will keep the iPad range locked down and never let it grow to threaten the Macbooks.

    They will have to choose one path to follow and going to be a dilemma for them in future years.
  14. clyde2801 macrumors 601


    Mar 6, 2008
    In the land of no hills and red dirt.
    I just LOVE the STV reference. (Off topic, but has anyone found a good LCARS interface for the ipad?) Anyway, the iPad does make me think of the padd's from Voyager: secondary, totin' around computers for a limited number of tasks in places where they can't get to their primary computers. Primary computers are on walls, desks, consoles, etc.

    I go around with my ipad on away missions, where I can't easily get to my desktop or laptop for functions that don't require the physical keyboard or full computing power of a regular computer (such as typing this rambling reply on my metal macbook on my lap in my easy chair).

    I love, love, love omni focus for the ipad as a tool for getting me into the GTD mindset. Accordingly, I'm never more than two minutes away from the pad. Writepad, email, browsing anywhere is nice. Since I rotate music and videos on and off the pad, the 16gb 3g is enough to meet my needs. Oh, text free with its unlimited free texts on a decent sized keyboard is nice to communicate with when I'm stuck in a place where I can't make calls.

    Like all apple products, there is and was a bit of over hyping about the ipad. It's not for everyone, and it wont replace a primary computer anytime soon. Then again, not everyone on Voyager carried a pad, either. If the physical dimensions, hardware capabilities and apps can work for you, great. If they don't you can at least sell it and get most of your money back, unlike most electronics.
  15. pkts thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 29, 2007
    Excellent point, Piggie, I hadn't thought of that. Still, they have let the iphone and ipod touch get fairly close to each others specs so maybe there is hope. But there are definitely hardware things with the iPad that they haven't done that I think would be pretty obvious pluses. Like adding usb and hdmi ports. Its a media device so let it output movies to a hd tv. I guess they'd rather add the convenience of streaming from the ipad to Apple TV and get another purchase. But I'd rather just stream it from my macbook

    Between not wanting to step on the macbook's toes and the new apple TV, I wonder how much the iPad will be restricted. Once the android tablets start coming out, hopefully Apple will be pushed to add features. But that won't be for a while....Android is nowhere near ready for tablet use and all the tablet so far look awful.
  16. Piggie macrumors G3


    Feb 23, 2010
    Oh, I agree with you, it's not a problem for today, it's a problem with Apple roadmap and where they want to be in say 5 or 10 years time.

    We all know "computers" are a bit stuck now and have been for a few years as they are fast enough for most peoples needs, so the demand for higher and higher specs and silly money has died off a bit.

    Meanwhile the speed of development seems to have shifted away from desktop and laptops and into low power portable devices.

    The question is, lets say in 10 years time, we have quad core mobile chipsets running at say 3ghz, around the speed of a current PC or Mac with say 2GB or Ram and 250GB of flash storage, what are they going to do?

    Be running a tweaked iOS which you have to still dock with a Mac or PC to sync things to?

    I think we would all view that as a bit silly.

    A tablet with that much power would have to become a creation device anything else would be ludicrous, but then where is the MacBook in all of this?

    The only thing I can see is the iPad/Macbook going and it ending up as one product. Perhaps a Macbook with a removable screen which becomes a tablet, or a tablet with an optional keyboard that either clips on or works via wireless.

    I suppose I can't see things being laid out as they are now, device wise, in say 10 years time.

    If other companies (over this time) do push ahead with tablets of greater power and ability, and there is no reason to think they will not (given time) as mobile tech marches on at a fast pace now. It will be interesting as Apple will have to offer products to compete whether they like it or not.

    This is of course all good for us the consumers :)
  17. bluemonkeyguy macrumors 6502

    Sep 7, 2010
    That's Right!! ^^^^^^^

    Piggie is absolutely right. do you know that apple could make the most amazing tablet out there. an tablet that definitely has a camera 720p (1080p possible), more RAM (2gb+) and a damn fast processor (maybe dual-core or quad-core), better pixel density (better than retina), better design, high quality speakers, better battery, better connectivity (universal memory ports, wireless syncing, usb 3.0), better wifi and 3g tethering strength, better iOS(better ui and functions, think of every cool tool from the jailbreak generation), better everything!!

    but then again this is apple's business, create something and then reinvent it again and again in 1-2 years increments and place a new price tag on it. just look at all of their product lines from the iphone to their imac, that's what makes apple so successful, they're a company that reinvents themselves every time. and i hate it when people don't do their research and just buy items whether out of the blue or media inspired from companies like apple because that product may not suffice for that persons needs at this certain time. thats why im waiting for the ipad 2 to come out.

    anyways, just some thoughts :rolleyes:
  18. yodaxl7 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 25, 2010
    He's Hybrid!!!

    It sounded like he only has iphone original. Plus, I gather he has switched to android phone for the past couple years. I don't understand why he can't figure things out. Android phones require someone to figure things out. iOS is easier to use!! Bar none! The thread starter is out of practice in using the itune for sure!! Sounds to me he is kinda a troll! I said, kinda! That's what you get when you switch to Android. Even though, it is easier to use iOS!!
  19. clyde2801 macrumors 601


    Mar 6, 2008
    In the land of no hills and red dirt.
    Earlier this summer, I was driving 1/4 way across the country to drop the kids off to the evil ex and listening to a bunch of macbreak weeklys.

    One of the panelists was talking about how in his opinion apple had put most of its focus off of osx and onto iOS. He opined that it would make osx open source within the next five to ten years and focus almost all of its attention onto the mobile space.

    And it came to me, driving in my tiny car late at night, what will actually happen instead. Apple has passions for profitability and controlling the user experience. I can see osx becoming more like iOS in a few areas, especially for consumer computer devices. On consumer devices, you will only be able to add hardware through the app gets to control the consumer experience more closely (in the name of quality control), and will get 1/3 of all software sales. Hell, the consumer devices may not even have superdrives or USB ports, or they'll be engineered to not allow software to be input that way. Professional machines, like the macbook pro or mac pro will only allow software to be input by disk, the internet, or outside the app store.
  20. yodaxl7 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 25, 2010
    Interesting point! Those other companies will also charge accordingly.

    I suspect apple will either combine or merge macbook pros and the iPad one day. It will be interesting to see.
  21. AppleGoddess macrumors 6502a


    Sep 30, 2010
  22. Shoesy macrumors 6502a


    Jun 21, 2007
    Colchester, UK.
    Other companies already had tried and failed with full powered tablets, nothing caught the public imagination. Try watching some 24 from years past series - Jack is always getting out some amazing looking device that never sold a unit! Apple has now however paved the way for better devices with more suited operating systems. Just need some tweaking thats all.

    ps. point 9 - really? I never heard of that. I have a 13 character password no problems. I guess thats not so long these days tho!
  23. sapporobaby macrumors 68000


    Sep 27, 2007
    3 earth minutes from your location....
    Try this for the slippery:

    I have one on mine as well as my wife's iPad. Works great and not too expensive.

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  24. SteveKnobs macrumors 6502

    Jun 23, 2010
    There is a fine line between asking for help and whining about something. The OP is tip-toeing on this line. Dude, with a list that long of "complaints," I really don't think the iPad is for you. I hope you got enough answers from the MR community here, but are you sure you actually wanted the iPad when you bought it? Or were you just expecting something completely different? I would say play around with it a little more- it will grow on you I promise.
  25. sapporobaby macrumors 68000


    Sep 27, 2007
    3 earth minutes from your location....
    Nice call Steve-o. Spot on.

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