Got H key working, but now it's slow?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by SamVilde, May 7, 2018.

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    MacBook Pro 2017, new (refurbished) in August went until yesterday (9 months) without problems, and then no H key. It wasn't sticking; it just wasn't responding.

    Read online. Read about compressed air. Read about scratching around the outside of the key with a fingernail or something like. That seemed to work. Got my H key back.

    It's slow, though, and still not 100%. If I type 'the' the letters show up t-e-h, and then autocorrect fixes it for me, most of the time. Or it misses, and I go back and get it.

    The thing is - I think it's fixed just enough that the employees at the apple store will think I'm nuts, or that it's a non-problem, or look, this time it worked, it must be solved now.

    Anything else I can try? It's jamming up my flow.
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    I have tried typing "Hughes" into launchbar 20 times. You have to go quick with launchbar. 20 times it's recorded "uhghes", so I can't access the file folder I'm trying to get to. Stupid.
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    Take it in ASAP. They need to fix this. Don't mess with it any more. You do not want them saying you broke it. It sounds like something is in there partially jamming the mechanism and slowing release.

    And get Apple care if you don't already have it. Pretty sure you will have to buy it from the 800 support #. And only Applecare will be available since you are out of the 60 day since purchase time window for the AppleCare+.
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    "Anything else I can try? It's jamming up my flow."

    Take it to a brick-n-mortar Apple Store.
    DON'T WAIT until the warranty runs out.
    If you snooze on this, you're gonna lose.
    And it's going to COST you.

    Did I mention not to wait and to get it in for repair right away?

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