Got to install an AirPort Express at work

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 50voltphantom, Mar 21, 2013.

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    I work for a construction company and we have a job trailer that needed a wireless internet connection. Well, being an Apple fan and IT guy by default at my company I selected an AirPort Express (among other things, Windows laptop, wireless printer with AirPrint, etc) as I've had nothing but a good experience with my AirPort Extreme at home. Setup was completely painless and I also recommend the TotalMount if you need to put an Express out of the way. It comes with hardware for any type of mounting situation and is extremely affordable.

    Test driving at home:

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    I love the new Express. It's very good. I have it as the main router for my home. All concrete walls, two stories and I still get a signal outside in the yard even tho the Express is on the 2nd floor (American 2nd for Brits) dead center of the house and I am 13 feet from house (4 meters for Brits)
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    Nice. I went from the original Express "N" to an Extreme to get dual-band. With the capabilities of the new Express I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I were buying today.
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    Agree, they are great devices, I actually own a first generation and use it to beam Audio to my Yamaha AV reviver.
    I do prefer the earlier plugin model without the need for an extra cable, shame Apple changed this, but it's still a great and convenient little device.
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    You could've installed some cable duct to protect the cables and keep them out of the way. :)

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