Group FaceTime Will Remain Permanently Disabled on iOS 12.1.3 and Earlier

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    Probably for a similar reason where Microsoft’s windows update, killed dhcp or deleted files. How did these bugs get past Microsoft’s famed quality control?
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    Yes, making the focus on security and QA visible by adding a VP/SVP was something I thought of. It would show recognition of the problem. Visible hires below that level would also help to show some awareness.

    Or splitting responsibilities of iOS and MacOS, just to make clear that they are really complex tasks and that both systems need individual measures. It would also help to highlight some of the measures taken to ensure state-of-the-art development processes for Apple's own apps and system components.

    It's hard of thinking of Federighi being fired, as he comes across really sympathetic most of the time. OTH I remember his first presentation in this new role and I wondered if he's able to hate anything, including bugs, hackers, personnel issues, enough to fight them the hard way and thereby possibly risking his image.

    We'll see. But I'd really don't want that trend of show-stopping mistakes, something many others see at Apple, too, at the moment, to continue. I still love what has been build at Apple so far, but I think unreflected focus on steadily rising revenue charts and new features to lure new customers might have some side effects that in the end will make customers leave and revenue fall off hard, if not corrected.

    The focus, I mean. Apple's revenue numbers already seem to get corrected using all available means.
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    I suspect it was a combination of server-side and client-side that interacted to create this situation. I also suspect that the server-side fix was sufficient, but they have added additional sanity checks to the client-side app just to be extra safe.

    Caller ----> Server ----> Recipient

    With this bug, Caller adds their own phone number as a second recipient (essentially calling themselves) and that ended up triggering the server to acknowledge the calls for all recipients even without those recipients acknowledging.

    The final fix is likely a stronger "handshake" between the client apps and the server.

    I miss the days of Point-to-Point calls where there was no server in between. Skype used to operate like that, but then Microsoft took over and changed it back to a client-server setup.
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    It's _possible_ that the bug was introduced at the last minute, by some final changes that never got scrutinized to the same degree as the public beta version. We don't really know, and Apple won't tell us.
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    Same type of ways petty much any bugs get through.
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    Looks at census reports. The majority of people aren't 13 year old girls.
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    Interesting assumption there, which suffers from the usual things associated with assumptions.
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    Bugs happen to every company of course, but this one had the potential to ruin lives/careers if the “hot mic” happened at the wrong time, so definitely one of the bigger ones for Apple.

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