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Mar 13, 2008
I wonder how feasible/good could be to buy a logic board and upgrade the rest of the components (CPU, memory, SSD, maybe graphic card?) to buy a hackintosh.

I *imagine* this could be more stable than the regular route, anyone have experience with this? Could be the best base logic board?


Mar 17, 2007
By the time you get the logic board and paid the crazy price you will most likely have paid you may as well have bought the whole machine. Add in the proprietary power supply you will need as well and you have just most definitely passed the cost of the machine both would have been in to start with. In short if you have money you like to burn do it.


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Aug 25, 2013
The Netherlands
So which logic board would you get? From a Mac Mini? Or a Mac Pro? These all have specific sizes and, like MacUser2525 says, non-standard power supplies so you might as well get the case and power supply included. In which case you're not running a Hackintosh anymore :)
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