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DJ Hoyt

macrumors member
Jul 19, 2001
Austin, TX US
Apple Handhelds must have...

My girlfriend threw that rumor on me on the possibility of Apple handhelds being released. It got me really excited. But waiting keynote after keynote I gave up. I went out and bought a Handspring Visor Deluxe. I am (or was) happy with it until I dropped it on soft carpet and the screen cracked rendering it unfixable. So now I'm in search of yet another handheld. I guess it's back to Handspring. Afterall, they have great Apple support. They link up fantastically. So maybe I'll just save up and get a Handspring Visor Prism. Pretty colors =)


macrumors god
Staff member
Apr 9, 2001
Yep - I've got a Palm Vx myself...

and I was a die-hard Newton fan (collected the whole set). The Newton 2100 is still the finest overall handheld (except for size). Despite the rumors - the handwriting recognition was remarkable... and just this year, I think, the 3rd party recognizers are coming close to par with it.

Palm for the meanwhile - until something exciting comes out...


Thin Ice

macrumors newbie
Jul 9, 2001
At the risk of incurring the wrath of the Mac zealots (;)), there are mobile phones out there today with built in PDA's running Windows. As appliance makers seek digital convergence they are beating a path to Microsoft's door.

If the future is a digital hub then my phone/PDA should synch with it shouldn't it? ICQ me your phone number and it should show up on the phone (or it rings :)).

Would I dare raise the larger subject of the future of digital convergence (or divergence) as a whole? Can Apple compete against the Sony/M$ juggernaut when the blender only runs Windows? Is this why Steve is hesitant to make an Apple PDA?

For Mac Zealots; what colours do you think the new Apple PDA will be in?

Positivly Mac

macrumors newbie
Jul 30, 2001
Re: Apple going into Handheld market

Many mac rumors site, incuding mine, say that Apple is working on something called the iPad. I'm not sure if its true or not, but thats a pretty popular rumor.
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