Have I made a mistake buying Ipod Touch 6th Gen?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mikebatho, May 15, 2017.

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    Cool, thanks, I'll do that later. No way can they be selling a 32gb product that arrives from the factory with only 22gb of free space.... surely!!?
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    Seriously consider the iPhone SE. You can buy one for a lot less than an iPod touch. BoostMobile is running a sale on them. No contract. No strings attached. Don't even need to activate the cell service.

    ipodtouch.png se128.png se32.png
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    There is no guaranteed return policy, on non-faulty items, in most non-USA countries.
    Battery life not usually an issue if not using wifi or screen i.e. Audio only
    Love the thinness.
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    Jul 12, 2016
    That's completely subjective on "Relative.". I could make the same argument about any iPhone/iPod I use by watching videos are playing games all day. The iPod six Generation has a horrendous reviews for the battery life and is one of the main pitfalls. I can tell you from experience, one of the main reasons for returning for the iPod 6 is due to the battery. It's completely overpowered by the A8 processor.
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    It's still relative to what you expect by your normal use and how often you expect to charge it. If you spend most of the time web surfing, streaming video, or playing games, the battery life will most likely not nearly meet your expectations. If you spend most of the time listening to music with some occasional web surfing and video, and you don't mind charging it every day, it's more likely to meet your expectations.

    People should quantify what they mean by bad battery life especially since the OP is looking at it just to play music.
  8. Ffosse macrumors 68000

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    I found the 6th gen. battery to be fine mostly but I was using it primarily for music; I moved onto using phones but still miss the slim size of the iPod.
  9. ChrisChaval, Jun 2, 2017
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    today, from a price point of view you are certainly right

    What regards the battery life I beg to differ

    I do not have other empirically proven data than me sitting in the sun , screen brightness maxed out, Bluetooth headphones connected to my iPod touch 6gen listening to some good blues music while browsing the web via wifi, enjoying a beer (ok that doesn't affect battery life much .. ;) )

    For sure , battery life does not beat that of my iPhone se but the reason I prefer to use my iPod touch over the se is that when listening to music or just relaxing browsing I do not wish to be interrupted by calls or what's app messages ..

    True, I could setup my iPhone to do just that but honestly .. who would bother ..

    I love my iPod touch 6gen since I got it on launch date and would not recommend a 5gen due to lower ram and cpu

    Today I would not buy an iPod touch any more regardless of what I said before simply because of pricing since the se entered the market

    Lowering its price would certainly make the iPod touch great again !

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