-Have u Seen/Talked 2 any Celebrity Be4?-


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Aug 29, 2005
i saw Kevin Costner in Hard Rock Cafe (Los Angeles 1996) he was with his wife and kids , then i followed him but he left quickly and said i couldnt take his pic :(

And in 1995 i took a pic with Omar AlSharif (the egyptian actor) its was in Egypt , he acted in a lot of movies i just remember Hidalgo and the 13th Warrior right now.

hmmm , i also saw Chris Eubanks the british boxer (Former World Super Middleweight Boxing Champion) he was driving his Convertable Aston Martin in Brighton(E.Sussex) , England. its was in 1998.

this is a recent pic of omar alsharif just to refresh ur memories..

so have u seen any famous actor/artist/singer..etc ??


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Feb 22, 2005
Gah! Plymouth
I have talked to myself, i am pretty damn famous around these here parts.

just ask any of my patients that i deal with on a regular basis


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Dec 6, 2004
I'v talked to Trevor Linden on the phone (hockey player),
Eric Mccormack (plays Will on Will and Grace) lives in the house across the street from me,
Markus Naslund (hockey player) lives a couple blocks down so I see him often,
My aunt is family friends with Stanley Tucci, so this summer I saw him everyday while we were on fire island,
My aunt is also friends with Francis Mcdormand so I met her once in New York.


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Oct 21, 2003
Portland, OR
I talked to the guy who runs Webster Dictionaries.. he told me that he hates your subject line as it contributes to the death of the English language.


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Aug 5, 2005
Yeah, a few times, but what was more amazing was when I went to an english lesson... wow, the crazy shît I learned there. I mean, spelling? Whoever came up with that, I need to buy him a beer


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Mar 4, 2004
State College, PA
Used to live in the same town as Jeff Daniels (Chelsea, MI), and have met him and spoke to him quite a few times.

Not exactly the nicest guy I've ever met.

Short story:

I used to work at a dept. store, and he came in one time, got some stuff, and then left without taking what he bought. His wife calls and says "Jeff left his things...he'll be coming back...could you meet him at the car with his things? He's pretty angry."

No..I can't. If I forget my things in the store, I go back and get them. I don't expect the store to cater them out to me. Sorry Jeff, but I don't get paid to be your personal assistant, and won't be bringing things out to you. You'll have to come in and get them like the rest of us ;)

(Of course I didn't say that - but I surely didn't bring the stuff out, either)


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Jun 11, 2003
Madison, Alabama
yellow said:
I talked to the guy who runs Webster Dictionaries.. he told me that he hates your subject line as it contributes to the death of the English language.
OMG! WTF! LOL! !!!!111!!!1!!!1!!


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Jun 11, 2003
Madison, Alabama
Josh said:
Used to live in the same town as Jeff Daniels (Chelsea, MI), and have met him and spoke to him quite a few times.

Not exactly the nicest guy I've ever met...
That's disappointing to hear. He's one of those actors who, at least onscreen, seems like the kind of guy that would be friendlier in "real life".


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Jun 11, 2003
Madison, Alabama
Back on topic: I think the funniest celebrity sighting(s) for me occurred while my wife and I were on our honeymoon, back in 1994. Nancy Kerrigan had just won the silver medal for women's ice skating in the Winter Olympics and was at Walt Disney World at the same time as we were. We weren't stalking her, but as it turned out we ran into her several times throughout the day.

Most of my celebrity encounters are geek "celebrities" that would perhaps impress other computer software engineers, but would draw blank stares from most anyone else. ;)


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Jan 18, 2005
Southern California
I've been held by Lorenzo Lamas when I was a kid (mom has a snapshot of it).

I've seen:

-Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (while they were filming an episode of Nash Bridges)

-Lorenzo Lamas and Branscomb Richmond (back when they were filming an episode of Renegade)

And supposedly I'm a 5th cousin or something of James Garner.


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Aug 1, 2004
The closest I've got to a celebrity was probably Beyonce. She has got one big ass :D.

One night we were drivin' around downtown and there was going to be a concert the next day (trl tour I think). Around midnight we saw like 8 people standing outside of the Crowne Plaza (Very nice hotel) and wondered what was goin on. Apparentely they were waitin for the stars. We waited and saw, and got autographs from Eve, the girls from Dream, and destiny's Child. Beyonce was the only nice one that came over and talked to us.


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Jun 28, 2004
I have been within 10 ft. of these people:

Huey Lewis,
Denzel Washington,
Wesley Snipes,
Nicole Kidman,
Steve Yzerman (and pretty much all the star players of the Wings back in '98),
Loyd Car (Michigan Football Coach),
The drummer from Santana (Raul) called our house about a photo he wanted to buy off my step-dad.
Jeff Daniels (I played on a hockey team with his son),
Matt Modine,
William Dafoe,
Vern Troy (mini me),
Accross the lake from Steve Tyler's house in New Hampshire,
Was a few hundred feet from Bill Gate's dock on his Seattle Area Estate (I took a picture off the boat),
Marty Turco (met him when he played for Michigan's Hockey team),
Saw Sean Penn's place in San Francisco,
Also saw Kurt Cobain's place in Seattle (I saw the shed which he killed himself in),
Paul Allen's place was on Mercer Island next to where my Aunt's place was.
Wayne Gretzky's dad sat with me at a lunch table at a hockey camp in Canada one time, he was really out of it, but he had some cool stories.
I could go on and on (already did).
I haven't met all these people, but I have seen their house, seen them, or talked to them.


My step dad's, adopted sister's, husband's, cousin is Evander Holyfield!

I am not joking either, really sad that I even know that.



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Jan 6, 2004
I find myself in the presence of sports celebrities from time to time. I met Pat Riley, then of the LA Lakers; sat next to Arnold Palmer at a restaurant in W. Palm Beach Florida; met the owners of the NY Giants who are family friends, and mingled with the UNLV Runnin Rebels in Washington DC at the hotel while they were there to meet the Prez after winning the NCAA tournament.... freakin years ago! Tark the Shark!


EDIT: oooo and Daniel Day Lewis goes running on my road from time to time.


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Mar 14, 2005
In one week, I met George Clooney and Ice Cube at the press conference for 3 Kings in London, then Christina Aguilera in the bar at TFi Friday (old tv show), when she was still very cute and not some bondage/marilyn/Idontknowwhatthef**k act. That girl can definitely hit the notes though. :D


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Jan 14, 2005
visiting from downstream
Met and spoke to: Bill Gates (twice), Steve Ballmer, ex-Sen. Jesse Helms, ex-Sen. Fred Dalton Thompson (who's now on Law and Order), Hugh McColl (ex-CEO of Bank of America), a TON of famous artists, Andie MacDowell, Jeff Gordon + Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR drivers), several Playboy Playmates, Jason Kyle (Carolina Panthers #56, long-snapper), Leonard Nimoy, probably a few other people I can't remember right now

Have been within 10 feet of: Gwyneth Paltrow


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Jul 11, 2003
Every guest host and musical guest on SNL from 1983-1988. Had a close friend who was a producer and I used to hang out there every Saturday night and them go to the after show party.


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Sep 19, 2003
Canada, eh?
I met Marina Sirtis at a Star Trek convention :rolleyes: I tried to say hi to her as I was getting her autograph on a CD cover (Star Trek soundtrack) and she said, "Is my picture even on this anywhere?"

Also met David Suzuki in a bookstore as he was filming a line for one of his shows. He flubbed it over and over and over again as we watched with great interest :D


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Jan 19, 2005
I've spoken to Mariah Carey on a few occasions (gotta love her!) and she's a darling. And she has a Powerbook G4 (same as mine actually :p). I've also spoken with Linda Blair, James and Oliver Phelps (play the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter movies), and I chatted with a guy who had been on "Buffy" for awhile at Dragon Con while I was bored. Nice guy.

I've seen Kelly Rowland (and been within 10 ft of all the members of DC in concert), Spike from Buffy, and a bunch of other celebs at Dragon Con.


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May 24, 2005
Yes... have met a load of (fairly minor) TV presenters before (my sister works in the industry), have had the guy who played Mr Blobby rolling around drunk on my living room floor :D , flirted with Christopher Ecclestone on a train several years ago ;), have seen a few BBC newscasters wandering around west London, saw Daniel Craig (the new 007) in Shepherd's Bush a few years ago, sat opposite Donal McIntyre on the central line once. And I live on the same street as Bill Bailey so often see him around the local shops.