Help: disc utility fails on new internal macbook hard drive

Discussion in 'macOS' started by maclook, Sep 4, 2009.

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    I just upgraded my MacBooks hard drive and put in the install cd to restore from my time machine backup. Evedything went smoothly until I chose the new hard drive as the destination for the restore. I was told that the install failed to erase the hard drive and to restart and try again. So I did but when I try to erase or partition the drive, there is an error and it fails. The hard drve seems fine since it can be seen by disc utility but after it fails to partition or erase, it disappears from the disc utility forcing me to restart. The process I've done about 5 times now is boot the comp, choose time machine restore, then while the install is calculating the space the restore would require and searching for discs to install on, nothing shows up so I go to disc utility and try to erase or partition the drive only for it to fail and disappear from disc utility. At this point I hold down the power button to turn it off and restart the process.
    The first time I tried, the restore process saw the drive while calculating the restores size requirements and allowed me to go the next step where it would automatically try to erase the hard drive (without me having to go into disc utility myself) but after the first try, it just says "searching for disks" and so I go into disc utility myself where I can see the disk. Thanks for any help as I am out of ideas
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    When you partition the drive, click on the "Options..." button [in Disk Utility] and make sure the partition table is set to GUID. If it's a new drive, it might have been set to MBR.

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