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Obi Wan Kenobi

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Mar 9, 2011
London, UK
I want to connect my MacBook Pro 2016 (Touch Bar) to an external monitor, preferably 21 inch.

It looks like I need a screen, a USB C Adaptor and an appropriate cable to make the connection.


According to this article,

It says you can use a thunderbolt display, but you cannot use
1) USB C to DVI as Apple doesn't make one, and it cautions against using 3rd party adaptors
2) USB C to mini display port.

I don't need a thunderbolt display as I'll only be working on word documents and email. 4K resolution is a v expensive overkill for this.

A cheap 21 inch screen would otherwise do, but I want to be able to connect it to my Mac.

Has anyone done this? What can I use?

When I look on Amazon for 21 inch monitors, I see several cheap ones with DVI connectors and then there's a price bump to get HDMI? Are there other options? What should I be looking for?

Please note I am based in London, UK and links to American stores won't help.


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Aug 27, 2016
Bucharest, Romania
Why do you want to use DVI?

I have 3 displays simultaneously connected to my 2017 MacBook Pro 15", currently through 3 adaptors:
1 multiport with HDMI, 1 Apple digital adaptor with HDMI and 1 USB-C to DisplayPort.
All three running perfectly (2 x 25" 2.5K + 1 x 27" 4K).

Waiting for a CalDigit TS3+ dock to simplify setup.
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