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Mar 14, 2020
Hello everyone, I am frequently reader of this forum but never had a need ask for anything. At this time I have fallen into despair and I find you as only one who can solve my problem.

Today I have installed Viber app downloaded from official Viber website on my mac running 10.15.3. In the app settings I've changed where I wont my Viber media files to be stored (settings shown in attachment) and I changed it to my downloads folder (like shown on the other setting underneath). When I finished working in the app I deactivated Viber in settings (2nd attachment) and turned off the app. Agony starts when I afterwards tried to access the downloads folder which was empty. Also the trash was empty.

Note: At beginning Viber asked me for downloads, documents, and desktop folder access but I chosen don't allow option.

I see this as major problem as app like Viber was able to delete whole content from downloads folder on a Mac system without any notification and even without files going through trash.

Please help if you have any solution for recovering files and I hope this kind of stuff won't be doable in future. I just feel like betrayed from beloved Apple.


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Aug 24, 2017
Betrayed by Apple because a third-party application deleted a folder? Give yourself a shake...

BTW, there's a reason why Time Machine exists. Use it!

According to the OP, they did not give this app permission to have access to the Downloads folder. Given this is on Catalina, I find their question and concern somewhat valid.


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Apr 25, 2023
Hello, did you somehow recover the deleted files? I just had the same case. Can someone help?
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