1. S

    Tried erasing and restarting setup of iPhone 13 Pro but stuck on this screen

    It’s been stuck on this screen for more than 45 minutes. What should I do?
  2. G

    Macbook bottom case unknown issue

    For context all screws have been removed in my attempt to understand why my mac is wobbling on the right bottom corner, and I find that the top right part of the bottom case (as shown) protrudes outwards whereas all the other parts are fine. What does this mean? I have tried the bending tip...
  3. bonjourx

    Carrier HELP pls! Can someone explain my bill?

    Can someone please explain how this works? ATT is giving me a 500 credit for my trade in device that is from them because I met the criteria, correct? So therefor my monthly bill for my phone is 24.45 for 36 months? Which comes down to 800? (24.45 x36) But I have ATT next up, does that means...
  4. T

    Downgrade to El Capitan from unsupported Mac with Catalina (DosDude1 Patcher)

    Hi all, I have a MacBook Pro 5,1 (late 2008) and I recently installed Catalina (patch from DosDude1) to see if it would work. We'll it didn't (properly). The installation went well and everything, but the MacBook is getting hot and the battery drains like hell. Also having the crashes when...
  5. PowerfulEra

    Did my Quad died?

    I was testing a fx 4500 that i flashed 30 minutes ago and wanted to do a openmark benchmark it went down to 9 fps then click device shut itself down. I first though it overheated or something because it switchs itself off immedietly when i press the power on button. I can see that motherboard...
  6. Coco1973

    I want to boot into windows installer and screen suddenly freezes.

    I installed a windows installer on my windows 10 on a usb and then when I put it in my Mac and restart it with the option key I get presented with three disks. My Mac, My recovery and the windows installer usb. However when I want to boot into it the screen freezes and the only option I have is...
  7. M

    Please Help! An App Installed An Audio Device And I Don't Know How To Get Rid Of It!

    I Wanted To Download A Spotify Song To An Mp3 File So I Downloaded A So-Called Converter And I Don't Know What It Did But It Installed A Weird Audio Device That I Never Asked Nor Told It To Do And My Mac Keeps Switching To That Audio Device Against My Will. I Want To Get Rid Of It But I Don't...
  8. D

    Kernel panic please help 🆘 MacBook Pro

    Good afternoon! My MacBook totally crashing always keeps restarting sometimes green dots on screen when crashing . Kernel Panic report writing this code "CPU Caller 0 0xffffff8017ce7793" Any solution ? Please! Appreciate for any info I add photo with more info Of kernel panic report
  9. amgff84

    MacBook Ice Ice Baby.

    Hey, so this is irrelevant regarding my MacBook as it's way out of date, but it can run High Sierra still using Colins tool and could still be an excellent option for web browsing on the go. My MacBook is a 5,1 so it's the first aluminum Unibody and is (generally) no different than the following...
  10. cutiepie17881

    iPhone SE is there any way to stop my keyboard from changing so easily?

    i love having the ability to change my keyboard with the little globe in the corner because some of the keyboards i have are very useful. however lately it seems like the little globe button has become more sensitive then it was before. i seem to hit it at least once every time im typing...
  11. MohamedAlaa97

    iPhone 12 Is this a scratch or a crack

    So i bought an iphone 12 and waited 3 days for my screen en protector to arrive when applying it i noticed this on my screen and now i am paranoid it doesn’t feel like a crack just deep scratch i want a confirmation thank you
  12. C

    Game Mouse Bug

    Hey Guys, I've been really looking forward to play a bunch of games recently, but I have been having this weird bug that has been really annoying me a-lot because it is really infuriating to play with. So what has been happening is that every single time I click down my left mouse button, in a...
  13. Cco61827

    Is something wrong with my new 2021 iMac 24”?

    I just received this iMac about 6 days ago. I ordered it officially through the Apple website. When I turned it on, the screen looked a little odd to me. Like there was too much light internal light shining through the display causing it to look overly bright and washed out in some areas. If...
  14. T

    Apple Photos: Not all photos available to import from iPhone

    I wanted to finally import all Photos from my iPhone to my Mac. I have 32 435 Photos and 659 videos on my iPhone = 33 094 items. However, when I connect my iPhone to my Mac, it only shows 33 127 items available to import. Where are the missing 33 items? 😧 Please help 🙃
  15. iamaydo

    Links don't appear in macOS Messages search & intermittent indexing message

    I've had an ongoing issue with macOS Messages app that I can't seem to figure out and hoping someone can help in some way. I currently have a 13" M1 MacBook Pro 16 GB RAM running macOS 11.5.1 however the issues with Messages began in Catalina—if I recall correctly—with a 2019 16" MacBook Pro...
  16. D

    iPhone 11 Pro Max It’s not letting me delete my browser history on Google Search Engine please help

    I tried it on all my browsers, Safari, Brave, and Google Chrime but none of them are allowing me to delete my browsing history. I’m very worried if it might be a virus or a malware. My phone isn’t jailbroken. This never happened to me before. Can someone please help me? It does delete if I go to...
  17. AnonymouslyScooby

    Firewall Help: Are these connections safe or something I should be worried about?

    I was doing some browsing through my computers settings today and stumbled across this and after going through it it seems as if some of these connections are either malicious or just sound that way.. But a lot of them dont sound familiar in the slightest.. So i was wondering does anyone else...
  18. cutiepie17881

    HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app

    i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the...
  19. G

    Major AirPods Pro microphone problem with no fix?

    AirPods Pro are faulty when handling their microphones. Not only does it effect call quality, but also dictation, Siri, and voice memos. Siri and dictation never gets what I’m saying correctly 90% of the time. When I go into voice memos, it will always sound very muffled at the beginning and...
  20. fredhag

    Display Broken

    Hey! I would appreciate some help. I have a 2017 15" MacBook Pro and dropped it such that the display isn't working. The pixels seem to work because I can see the desktop, but it looks like an old TV that is having vertical hold problems and then it goes dark after a few minutes but comes...