1. J

    Series 4 Acting Up: SE or 6?

    I currently have a 44mm Series 4 that is causing some heart ache... slow, battery life not as good as it once was... Anyone go to an SE from a Series 4? I would lose the ECG, but gain a better processor and a new watch with warranty and save some money... or should I go to a Series 6? I do not...
  2. T

    USB accesessories disabled is this a permanent fix??

    I bought a WD my passport for mac and tried to use it with my macbook pro running 10.15.6 Catalina. A message popped up that said USB accessories disabled. So I unplugged my Macbook Pro then plugged in my WD My Passport and it backed up! I unplug the external HD and plugged back in my laptop...
  3. M

    Text message that is received is different to what I sent.

    Ive been having a really weird issue with texts on my iPhone XS. I was texting a friend and the message that they received was different to what I sent. the first half of the text was normal but then at the end it changed. It looks like a conversation we were having a few nights earlier so I...
  4. W

    Deleted Macintosh HD hard drive/disk!! Anything I can do?

    Yesterday, my Macbook Air 2017 restarted to begin an update (Catalina, I think?). When I turned it on to see if the update had fully downloaded, it told me there was not enough space to download (I had only 17GB of open space on my drive but the update required 20GB). I was in a bit of a rush...
  5. Whitney Borchers

    iPad Major storage issue- 32gb iPad brand new no space

    First off I want to say that I’m not very savvy with all of this so please speak in terms an idiot could understand lol. So I bought an iPad about 3 weeks ago. It’s a 7th generation 32gb. Looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have bought a 32gb...I already know I’d like more storage than that. But...
  6. O

    iPod touch Forgot an app name, help??

    Okay so like maybe 5-6 years ago I had an iPod Touch (it was a newer model back then, blue, 5th Gen I think) and I had an app on there that I loved but I can’t remember the name of It, and I don’t own the iPod anymore either (wasn’t under my own account, I shared an account with someone I’m no...
  7. M

    MacBook Pro internal drive possibly just died, please help!

    Hi all, Basically think my hard drive may have died but need some help diagnosing what happened and how I can resolve it (mainly recovering the data). It’s a MacBook Pro 15” I think it’s early or late 2013, retina screen. With an internal 500gb SSD. I’ve had boot camp installed with windows...
  8. W

    Macbook dead

    I need some help! I have a Late 2011 MacBook Pro. The other day I turned it on, plugged it into my 2nd monitor and it got to the password screen. The 2nd monitor then turned orange and the MacBook had these green lines appear. I tried to reboot. In regular boot it gets about 1/4 of the way...
  9. G

    Problems with MacBook pro (15 inch early 2011) battery

    Hi everyone. Not sure if i should post this here or somewhere else but i have a question. I found a MacBook Pro 15 inch early 2011 in trash with a swollen battery. I removed the battery and bought a charger and run the laptop without the battery. Everything works good and so i decided to buy a...
  10. toyotaharving

    Purchase Advice

    Hi all, I need some purchasing advice. I currently have an early 2015 MacBook Air with the following specs: Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Now, the keyboard is failing me, and I'm doing a code-heavy PhD at the moment and working from home has made me...

    iMac came with wrong storage :/

    Hey ya'll, I ordered a new iMac and upgraded it with 1 TB of SSD storage. But when opened it and looked under "about this mac" it only has 1 TB of Flash Storage. What should I do? Return it? Take it to the Apple store? Thanks
  12. V

    iPad Pro iPad Pro screen flickers when scrolling

    so I bought this iPad Pro a few days ago and I’ve noticed that the screen flickers when ever i scroll,it’s especially noticeable on black backgrounds,limiting the screen to 60hz fixes the problem is this normal...?
  13. singinius

    System storage skyrocketed after I deleted personal files

    I'm on a MacBook with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 I was running out of disk space, so I dug in some old folders, deleted pictures, cleared the trash, etc. My personal data storage dropped from ~30 to 15 GB of document data. 👍 But as soon as I did that, the System Storage (which was taking...
  14. M

    Help please for random numbers appearing on Mac OS Catalina

    These numbers with arrows just started appearing on my excel, google, any app I'm using...anyone have any idea what they are and how to remove them? Thanks! Mallory
  15. M

    Late 2009 Mac mini SSD upgrade

    Hi, I have a late 2009 Mac mini and I was planning on upgrading the hard drive to an ssd, my plan is to use a hard drive caddy: (
  16. Designbymiz

    MacBook Pro and Ipad Pro

    Hello, I'm really excited about posting here. I've been a long time fan of Macrumors and the Apple ecosystem. Not a blind love for Apple, there are obviously a lot of areas for improvements, but the Apple ecosystem by far is the most fun and it's long-lasting products a huge appeal to me. I'm...
  17. S

    Question about downgrading/transfering data, please answer

    I really want to jailbreak my new iPhone XS Max I got yesterday, when I set it up it came with ios 13.5.1 and that can't be jailbroken on the iPhone XS Max. I still have my old iPhone 7 with ios 13.5 that can be jailbroken, if I factory reset my iPhone XS Max and then transfer all the data from...
  18. X

    MacBook air 2013 does not recognise the new nvme ssd

    Hi there, I recently bought a 512Gb NVMe M.2 ssd from verbatim as it was really cheap and I also bought the adapter on eBay so that it'd fit in my macbook (the adapter is from sintech) but after installing it, the ssd doesn't show up in disk utility or ubuntu terminal, I tried so many different...
  19. Steven Pearson

    iPhone XR screen issue help needed.

    This iPhone XR’ s screen don’t work. The screen is black then these lines apear. The screen used to work fine then the lines would apear if a static image was left on for more than a couple of seconds. Now the screen just stays black and the lines appear. Is it just a loose connection/ broken...
  20. Blue_Leader

    Upgrading MacBook Air 13-inch 2017 SSD Please Help

    Hi There, I was just wondering if anybody would be able to reccomend any cheap or 'reasonably priced' but well functioning SSDs that would be compatible with my MacBook Air 13-inch 2017 (running Catalina). I currently have its original 258GB SSD in it. I'm not quite sure where to look to find...