Hi, I made an app that lets you turn your ideas into text documents using mind maps

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    Jan 4, 2019
    Hi folks!

    Guan here, creator and developer of WriteMapper. I’ve been working hard these past few months, through and during the holiday season to launch WriteMapper 2 this 2019! Here's a short introduction video:

    WriteMapper lets you turn your ideas into text documents using mind maps, taking your writing productivity to the next level. It’ll help you:
    • Relentlessly generate ideas using mind maps
    • Overcome writer’s block by breaking tasks down
    • Beat procrastination to skyrocket writing productivity
    • Export your final draft to compatible file formats
    • And all from a beautifully-designed interface
    New in WriteMapper 2 are three new major features: File Import, Full Document Preview, and Custom Keyboard Shortcuts, among many other improvements. Here’s another look at it in Dark Mode, on macOS:


    Free trials are available on macOS and iPad (Windows too), while existing customers will get a free upgrade to WriteMapper 2. You can download the desktop apps from our website, or get the iPad app from the App Store.
    It’s gotten some really positive feedback on Product Hunt as well as gotten mentioned on Cult of Mac, so I thought to share this here too.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback about WriteMapper here on the MacRumors forum, and answering any questions you might have. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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