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  1. Zoomy_

    Clean My Mac crash

    When I launch the software, an error message appears here \------------------------------------- Translated Report (Full Report Below) \------------------------------------- ​ Process: CleanMyMac X \[6370\] Path: /Applications/CleanMyMac...
  2. L

    Vanish - Hide/Close inactive apps

    Hello! I've made an inactive apps manager app called Vanish. Vanish can hide or close inactive apps after a set period of time. You can set the option to hide or close for each individual app and you can disable hiding/closing for each app as well. Vanish can also close apps after closing the...
  3. SpiritSoul1008

    Awesome New Mac App: Flotato

    I'm really enjoying this app which makes it easy to make web apps into native Mac apps. And it does it so well! Great app selection and you can even create your own.
  4. Guan14

    Hi, I made an app that lets you turn your ideas into text documents using mind maps

    Hi folks! Guan here, creator and developer of WriteMapper. I’ve been working hard these past few months, through and during the holiday season to launch WriteMapper 2 this 2019! Here's a short introduction video: WriteMapper lets you turn your ideas into text documents using mind maps...
  5. R

    Using Roccat Browsers Navigate Launchers to control home.

    I love the Roccat Browser, as it works on all my mac's from my old PPC G4 all the way to my latest Macbook. On feature I use a lot is Navigate Launchers which basically allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite sites / web apps etc.. But today I thought what if I create home actions...
  6. adib

    Creatable doesn’t pay their vendors?

    I’ve just received an email from an app developer saying that I’ve purchased a bundle from Creatable yet it haven’t paid the developer’s share of the bundle. Is this true? Anybody had experience bundling their app with Creatable? How did it went?
  7. sc3wnet

    Z-index - watch videos while working without sacrificing productivity

    Hello guys, This is the developer of Z-index - a small Mac app that keeps videos from the web on top of other native apps in a nondisturbing way, so you can watch videos while working without sacrificing productivity. Here's a demo: I'm working on this because - I'm a nerd, and... -...
  8. _grow_

    Silenz - A smart mixer of your music and sounds of the outside world

    Hi! I'm Grzegorz and I'd like to introduce you to Silenz - my indie Mac app, which I have been working on for the last two years. Silenz is an app dedicated to headphones users who listen to music as a way to keep focused. It's a media controller and audio analyser which can react to the...
  9. R

    Mac I am leaving the Mac App Store, so how can I advertise my Mac apps effectively outside the MAS?

    Now I plan to leave the app store. Why? The app store is a battlefield, a lot of competitors would post 1-star ratings to your apps and complaint about your apps, then you need to make changes, a lot of troubles, the review process is a nightmare too. Not to mention Apple has a lot of other...
  10. Alexander B.

    Focus Stacker for Mac

    Hi, we've just released our new application, Focus Stacker to the Mac App Store. Basically it takes the sharpest focused parts from several photos and seamlessly merges them into one image. This is called focus stacking or focus blending, the technique is well known in macro photography - those...
  11. Dj64Mk7

    Best Third-Party Mac Apps that have iPhone and/or Apple Watch equivalents

    As the title says, I am searching for new apps to "buy" or "get" with the $40 in App Store credit I got this morning for Christmas. The only stipulation is that I am searching for apps that have iPhone and/or Apple Watch equivalents. Examples would include apps like Spark and Fantastical 2...
  12. simpleum

    SimpleumSafe File encryption & sync for Mac and iOS

    Hi, we are the creators of SimpleumSafe for Mac and iOS. We want to get in touch with you, to get any feedback, ideas, recommendations, feature requests for our App. SimpleumSafe is an App for easy to use strong file encryption and synchronization between Mac and iOS. We follow a different...
  13. mcoct

    New Mac app: Flexible Timers (Customizable stopwatches)

    Free til end of the month!
  14. Betamagic

    Net Radar 1.1 is now available, with IKEv2 support and macOS 10.13 fixes

    The first VPN monitor for Mac that double-checks the status of your VPN connection Net Radar is an app that's specialized in monitoring the status of your VPN connection. The app works on two levels. The first level is inside your Mac, where the app monitors any network configuration change...
  15. Betamagic

    News Explorer 1.9.7 for macOS released

    Update June 12, 2019: News Explorer has been updated to version 1.9.4 See post #19. News Explorer is a modern, easy-to-use newsreader that runs native on all your Apple devices, with automatic iCloud based sync of all your RSS, RDF, Atom and Twitter feed subscriptions, news articles, read...
  16. B

    Mac app to download FB Video

    Suggestions please for Chrome/Safari video download app that can pull from FB. Thanks, have great weekend!
  17. Betamagic

    Movie Explorer 1.8.6 - A must have app for movie lovers

    We at Betamagic have just released a new update of Movie Explorer. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the app to the MacRumors forum user group. Movie Explorer is a native Mac app that turns your digital cinema movie collection into an attractive, informative and handy media...
  18. D

    Resolved Panwrypter -Definitive File Protection

    Hi. We are developing a file security protection App for Mac, called Panwrypter. Panwrypter is an extremely effective tool to protect your files from being stolen by hackers, whether they are stored in the cloud, on removable storage, on network attached storage, in e-mail, or on your Mac. It...
  19. LocalizeWiz

    LocalizeWiz: App localization wizard for iOS and macOS apps

    Greetings all!! After several months of development, we're thrilled to announce the release of our App Localization Wizard, LocalizeWiz. This app is intended for iOS and macOS app developers who want to localize their apps for international markets. Being an app developer myself, I have...
  20. Q

    A file navigator for power user.

    Hi guys, I am creating a very cool app call SlashNav. it can access multiple directories in one single window. hope you enjoy it. :)