High Macbook Temps HELP! :)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dap1215, Nov 6, 2008.

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    I have a MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz loaded with 4GB ram, 17 inch wide screen with 10.5.5 (all updates installed) and I seem to be having some major heat issues with this puter when working with video.

    If I'm importing off my HD camera into iMovie or Final Cut Express the MBP temps will get between 200 / 210 degrees. Also when exporting or encoding video in iMovie, Visual Hub, Final Cut Express and Handbrake I get up in the 200 / 210 degrees range.

    I do have SMC installed and make sure to turn both fans up to 6000 RPMS before starting any of these processes. I also run a small fan on the MBP while I have it doing any of these processes and it still get up past 200 degrees.

    When I 1st got the MBP (new from apple, last August, yes I have extended the apple care) I didn't have these temp issues. It would get nice and warm, but stay around the 170ish range.

    I also notice that I have some new issues with the back lighting on the screen after cold starts and after waking up tho it seems to go away after it "warms" up. At times it will also do some odd color deal where it seems to turn everything kinda pinkish. I can't reproduce this issue it just happens at random and goes away with a restart or if I darken the screen with the screen brightness keys and then bring it back up to full brightness.

    I haven't been doing any video work on this MBP since it started getting this hot, (200 plus range) but that sorta makes it worthless to me!

    I guessing that I will need to take my MBP into the apple store and have them look at it. But, I also wanted to see what you all thought about what might be going on and also what the fix will be. From reading like issues, it seems that the logic boards go out on these MBP's. I have apple care and am just over my 1st year of owning this puter.

    So what do you all think?
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    Can a mod move this to the MacBook Pro section?? TY :cool:
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    Take it to Apple. However, I fail to see what type of degrees you are talking about Celsius or Fahrenheit. Still, for either one, 200 degrees is not good.

    Edit - yes I was right, no mentioning of *C or *F. Still 200 degrees in either one is really bad.

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