High Sierra Installation stucks


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Sep 28, 2017
It's been 4 hours since I started the High Sierra installation (MBP 2017 with touch bar). I just wanna ask:
  • When I press the Caps lock button, the light's still on, does it prove that the installation doesn't stuck?
  • By the way, during the installation, I touched the ESC on the touch bar an several times (the only button appears on the touch bar is ESC), does it interrupt the installation?
  • And in general, touching or pressing any button interrupt the installation?
Thanks for all answers and helps
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Nov 28, 2013
Four hours is very long, especially as you have (I assume) a standard Macbook with internal SSD?

One of my betas hung on install, capslock toggled the light for a while, but then stopped. After 10 minutes of looking totally dead (remember the old days of having disk activity lights? Oh I wish I had one then) I rebooted the machine. Whoops! Long story short, had to do a full Time Machine restore back to Sierra and try again. Worked fine the second time.

If you have a full backup and as you've been waiting 4 hours I'd reboot the thing. If you don't have a full backup, I'd be nervous. If you have anything at all plugged in (external drives, monitor etc.) then remove everything apart from power.


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Sep 28, 2017
Yes, I had to force shutdown and held COMMAND + R, then choose reinstall macos. Now I'm reinstalling the High Sierra. Hopefully no more stuck...


Feb 9, 2003
pressing the ESC key does not interrupt whatever process is running.

sorry to hear of your difficulties.

i assume you downloaded High Sierra directly from the apple site.
the stalling of the installation is due to it finding something about the arrangement of the information on your disk that it cant understand. like a damaged file system. or a partition arrangement that cant negotiate. or simply not enough free disk space remaining.


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Jan 7, 2011
I was having issue with the 2017 MBP touch as well and I formatted the drive to JHFS+ but forgot to disable the system integrity protection. It made a lot of issue and at last I changed the system date in the EFI firmware. It need a some tools plus programmers to get it done. I am running El Cap on the mid 2017 without issue. If you want to downgrade, there are some ways to get it done but still in the test if it is going to work or not.


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Apr 3, 2014
Hong Kong
If you can still use the mouse, click the installation window may activate the menu bar, then you can assess the installation log. Check if the installation is stuck.

I experienced similar issue with HS clean installation (but no problem with Sierra, or earlier OS). End up is because my network switch produce some very minor error. Which won't affect the connectivity, I can still use internet. Everything still connected. But just faulty enough to make the HS verification fail. Which end up causing infinite verification loop.
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