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    If you post a question about a home appliance I will try to keep a list of appliances and their post number where they are mentioned in the first thread. If I miss one, give me a heads up in the thread or PM me.

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    Kenmore 22614 Pet Friendly Bagless Canister Vacuum (March 2019
    I’ve been a long time Kenmore (a Sears Roebuck brand name) appliance person. This week our 15 year old Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner pooped out, the floor sweeper is no longer powered. I opened it up and hoped that I’d be able to replace the belt and/or the bulb, but the belt was not broken. At that point I decided it was time to replace it versus spending money to repair it. This item was so well built!

    So I’ve heard Sears and it’s brands are going through some changes. I read that the vacuum cleaners were made by Panasonic, but I don’t know when they started making them for Sears and as of 2016, they were getting out of the vacuum cleaner business at least in the US, so new Kenmore brand vacuums would be made by some other Chinese company I’ve never heard of.

    Anyway, I decided to take a chance and purchased the above model from Sears.com for $220. I unpacked it today and so far so good. The quality seems good as what I expected. It operates fine, and is not overly loud. This is also the first bagless canister I have owned and I am slightly concerned about comments that the Kenmore quality is no longer there. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll report back with any updates.

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    For mixers, I often recommend Kitchenaid over say Breville. Better speed control and easier to clean. More clearance. However, I usually recommend the higher tier of stand mixer over the original one. The one with the bowl lift, that is. Otherwise, if you've got money to splurge, go for their professional line meant for daily use.

    Hand mixers vary depending on what you want. But a good hand mixer should be able to whip of egg whites within a couple minutes on high speed and be able to power through cookie dough if you're a savage who thinks it's better to mix cookie dough by machine.

    With home appliances, you usually get what you pay for with some exceptions. With kitchen gear, if you want silicone mats, buy any brand that doesn't cost a fortune like Silpat unless you can get Silpat on sale. Silpat is expensive these days compared to when they first came out. You're paying mostly for name recognition.

    For baking, Silpat does make a jelly roll or cake container for sponges that's damn easy to remove a cake from with very little effort.

    Blenders: Vitamix or Blendtec. They'll last forever. These can powderize, not pulverize, masonry.

    When it comes to kitchen gear, Williams and Sonoma is a good bet. However, if you have a club store membership, you can often find the same products at a slightly lower price with the added benefit of the manufacturer warranty plus the 2-3 year extended warranty tacked on by the store automatically, and even purchase an extended warranty at discount.


    That said, we're looking for various sized ice cream scoops. I've never owned an ice cream scoop I liked or didn't fall apart. Something with heft. A strong tick blade. Heavy duty mechanism. Made of all stainless steel.

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