HomeKit Automation - Scheduled versus Motion

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    Hi all,

    I just got a nanoleaf Aurora for my home office. I set it up so on Tues/Thurs to do all white lights at 6:15 AM, and then to switch to a blue at 3:20 PM to remind me to get my son from school. I also set up the lights to turn off at 11:00 PM. All this seemed clear.

    Then I got thinking... I also have an Ecobee sensor in my office, and would like to use it to trigger the lights to turn on only when I am in the room.

    Does anyone know how all this works together? What I would love is "Between 6:15 AM and 3:20 PM if the sensor detects motion, set the lights to all white, but if no one is there keep them off"
    After 3:20 PM, if it detects motion, set to blue, otherwise off, etc....

    This doesn't seem possible though... any ideas how to get something close to this?
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    Do you know if IFTTT supports the Aurora?

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