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  1. Wimbre

    HomeKit Devices can be controlled from Homebridge but do not respond in Apple Homekit

    Hi, I have a number of devices that I can control with Homekit: Philips Hue lights (via Philips Hub) Xiaomi motion sensors (via Xiaomi hub) Xiaomi water sensor (via Xiaomi hub) Homepods Eneco Toon Outdoor lighting (via Sonos/Ewelink) Bosch dishwasher. The strange thing is that I can no longer...
  2. AbSoluTc

    HomeKit Good To See MR Not Covering The HK Disaster This Morning!

    Any reason for that? No front page coverage of the complete collapse of HK for users. Lol
  3. Pacotobias

    HomeKit Homekit Dimmer for EU 230v wired

    I have been searching all over the internet without any success..? i am looking for an all-in-one dimmer switch which is compatible with homekit and doesn‘t need a bridge such as the Eve switch just with a dimming functionality - wall light switch -...
  4. purdnost

    HomeKit Automations Involving ecobee Thermostat Not Working Post HomeKit Architecture Upgrade

    I have HomeKit automations that adjust my ecobee thermostat temperature at certain times. Following the new HomeKit architecture upgrade, these automations have not been working. Any suggestions, please?
  5. C

    HomeKit HomeKit & Matter - Leviton Firmware 2.0.3 - Not Responding

    My first expertise with Matter and HomeKit is not good. Upgraded my Leviton Dimmer switch D226HD to firmware 2.0.3 (from 1.4.8) which is Matter compatible Immediately the switch was disconnected from HomeKit. Re-added the device back into HomeKit with the Matter QR code, but now the dreaded...
  6. Giuanniello

    HomeKit Philips Hue bulbs on Home app?

    Got two Philips Hue bulbs as a xmas present, there is two AppleTV at home, they are at the two extremes so everything is within range, home thing is enabled on both, I had to download the Philips app to add the bulb, paired and working but I can't figure how to add it on the Home app, well...
  7. dustin_

    HomeKit HomePod mini under the tree? New Architecture? Problem!

    Hey all, Here's a fun one. I'm running the latest HomeKit architecture; of course all the devices in my home are on 16.2. Last night I brought home a new HomePod mini & attempted to add it to my home. No go. Not possible. When going through the regular setup screens I was asked to log-in to...
  8. K

    HomePod Siri is not replying/responding for only 1 out of 5 LiFx lights? [solved]

    I have 5 LiFx bulbs in a room (named; A, B, C, D, E) When I ask my HomePod mini to 'turn on light A' the light goes on— BUT no reply from Siri. When I ask my HomePod mini to 'turn on <any of the other bulbs>' the light goes on— with a Siri response, "OK, Light 'x' is on" When I ask Siri via...
  9. J

    HomeKit How do you check if you're running the new home architecture?

    I'm not able to see the option to update to the new home architecture even after I have updated all my devices, but I have feeling that I might have already been upgraded. To give you some background, I had issues with syncing of scenes and automations between my hubs so I the final resort was...
  10. F

    HomeKit HomeKit Cameras Randomly Cycle between Offline and Online

    I have a total of 8 Cameras connected to HomeKit and they randomly go offline (sometimes all of them and sometimes only a few at once). They are a mixture of Eufy Pro 2 Cams and the Eufy Indoor Cameras. At this point I am out of ideas. I have set static IPs for all the cameras and that did not...
  11. G

    HomeKit Homebridge Broadlink S3 Hub (&LC1 Light Switch) plugin.....ALMOST works

    Hi I've been trying to get my Broadlink LC1 light switches to work with either HomeBridge or Home Assistant. I stumbled across a plugin called homebridge-broadlink-s3 ( - it automatically finds the LC1 switch BUT toggling the switchin HomeBridge...
  12. Y

    HomeKit Eve room with thread vs. Netatmo indoor air monitor

    I’m looking to get an air quality monitor for the bedroom. I have filtered it down to one of two products: Eve room with thread or Netatmo indoor air quality. I realize that Eve monitors VOC while Netatmo monitors CO2. I want to ask the owners of these products for some guidance. How good is...
  13. Grayfox691

    HomeKit HomeKit hard wired light switch used as remote switch.

    This is more of a theoretical discussion. I've got a few homekit light switches used inside the house and they've all been wired as one would expect. I'm currently drawing up some plans to run additional outlets and power some string lights in the backyard. I'll have to use conduit to run all...
  14. purdnost

    HomeKit What Are Your Go-To Scenes?

    What Scenes do you use and what do they do? Mine: Good Night - Turns on nightlights around the home (1% brightness), turns off the rest of the lights, turns white noise machine on, turns porch light and seasonal smart switch (Halloween porch decorations, Christmas tree, etc.) off. Dinner...
  15. J

    HomeKit Apple TV in scenes

    Hey all. Was wondering if there’s a way to set a scene in HomeKit and have my Apple TV continue watching a show? I made a scene for my wife’s bedtime so the overhead light turns off, desk lamp dims to 5% but I don’t see a way to also trigger Apple TV to open Netflix and continue watching her...
  16. Artaban

    HomeKit HKSV Streaming Over Cellular

    HKSV Streaming Over Cellular Hi Everybody, My issue: HomeKit cameras at ONE of my homes will not stream over cellular data. This issue occurs within the Apple Home App ONLY, and NOT within the native brand name apps (Aqara, Eufy). Recordings work normally, and are able to be viewed over...
  17. tevion5

    Apple IIc On Demand

    One way to save me fiddling with US-Euro voltage adapters...
  18. itsamacthing

    HomeKit HomePod mini Pfsense Unifi

    to make a long story short, 7 of my HomePod mini across 3 locations and 2 continents stopped working. I can ping them, but they are unavailable. Luckily my Alexa devices did not, and the apps like Lutron and Protect are working great so still have remote access. Wondering if there were any...
  19. W

    HomeKit iOS16 Homeapp’s button redesign doesn’t make sense

    First, I want to state that I am very happy with the redesigned app. It looks a lot better and is a lot more streamlined. However, I cannot stand how the button works. I mean how often do you change the settings for each light or fan? Once it is properly set up, I hardly change the setting...
  20. Howlinmoon

    HomeKit Setting up homekit in two houses

    I'm currently in the process of selling my old house (House #1) and living in my new one (House #2). I have homekit devices in the old house to give it the "lived in" look when I am not there. Everything worked fine - until I started adding homekit devices in my new house. I setup a 2nd house...