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  1. B

    HomeKit Issues with notifications from cameras

    Hello I've noticed that with iOS 15, I now have the option to specify if I want a notification if a person, vehicle, animal or package has been detected. Before I either had to choose between "get a notification when a movement has been detected" or "when a video clip has been recorded". After...
  2. K

    HomeKit Netatmo doorbell, no record options HKSV

    Installed a Netatmo doorbell today and cannot even get the option to record video via HomeKit. Setup: Netatmo doorbell, firmware 2.18 Hub AppleTV 4K, tvOS 15 HomePod minis, all running 15.0 iCloud Plus 2TB plan I have 3 existing HKSV cameras, all fine, but no matter which order I setup the...
  3. dmylrea

    HomeKit iOS 15 and HomeKit camera notifications not working

    Ever since I updated my iPhone 11 Pro Max to iOS 15, when I get camera notifications, if I touch the notification, it usually takes me to the recorded clip for that notification and plays it. Now, it just brings up the Home app and shows me nothing. I have to find the clip to play it. Just me...
  4. D

    Can’t View Recorded Clips in Home App Since Update

    Since updating my iPhone and iPad to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, I can no longer view recorded clips on my home app on either of them. The timeline no longer shows a preview thumbnail for each clip, and when I navigate to one to watch it, it just hangs up after trying to load on a black screen. This...
  5. slyronit

    How to access HomeKit cameras in TVOS 15?

    Looks like TVOS 15 now supports looking at your HomeKit cameras. I can even see some related settings. But I cannot figure out where to see the actual video feeds. There's no Home app still.
  6. nikhilnagaraj24

    HomeKit Secure Video still doesn’t allow recording on more than 1 cam even with 200Gb plan

    Has anyone been able to setup recording on more than 1 cam with HSV with a 200Gb iCloud+ plan? I have been waiting through all Beta versions patiently hoping that it would be available by the final RC/Public version. I’m just starting a conversation to see if others are facing this issue or have...
  7. S

    HomeKit Logitech Circle Security Camera for Homekit WIFI Issues

    Hello Everyone, I have purchased a Logitech Security camera and I have been having issues connecting the camera to my 2.4 GHZ WIFI. I have an ASUS 6E Router, I have tried connecting the camera to a Personal Hotspot and it connects without any issues. I have tried changing 2.4Ghz wifi settings...
  8. D

    Apple TV + Homekit + multi-user

    Does anyone know how I can setup an Apple TV, as an admin of a home, but not the owner? Currently, to get Homekit support on my Apple TV, I have to get the home owner to set it up, even though I am a home admin. This means that the default account on the ATV is that person, when it’s in a...
  9. TheOfficialAK

    HomeKit Smart Light Switch + Smart LED Strip, will it work?

    Hey guys, wanted some help from people that may be more experienced in HomeKit. I'm moving into my new place some time in the future and currently trying to plan out the smart home accessories. One of the main issues is the lighting situation, I plan to run 2x lines of LED Strips across my...
  10. M

    HomeKit No notification sound using PushCuts notification

    I just downloaded the Pushcuts app to my iphone 11. It's the free version. I setup a simple notification that plays an alert sound and displays "driveway alert" in the notification. When I test the notification in Pushcuts it works as it should. Notification and sound. I copied the webhook...
  11. Haldoox

    HomeKit Advantage of HomeKit WiFi

    Moving to a new home and setting up a new network (tri-band WiFi 6). I am considering an Asus TX8. What I can see it is a top option in terms of options and speed, both for router and satellites. However, it doesn’t have HomeKit. Checking options like eero and linksys they both fall short on the...
  12. M

    HomeKit HomeKit thinks one of my family members is at home

    … but she is not. I’m fairly new to HomeKit and I’ve recently bought a security camera (VOCOlinc VC1 Opto) and connected it to HomeKit. The streaming settings that I have right now are: Off when somebody is at home Stream and record when no one is at home Whenever we leave home HomeKit...
  13. dmylrea

    HomeKit Activity Zones for cameras in Home app are ignored

    All of the sudden, 2 of the 3 front-of-house cameras that point to the road are triggering a motion detected alert every time a car drives by, despite that each of the cameras has an activity zone set that removes the road from what is being monitored. This is not a new's be running...
  14. J

    HomeKit Best HomeKit Device to Check on Laundry

    Hello, Moving to a house that has the washer/dryer in the basement. Thing is, there’s no access to the basement from within the house. I have to go out the front door, down two sets of stone steps, across a large parking area, to a door on the side of the house. Bad enough, but in winter, it...
  15. M

    HomeKit turn HomeKit smart plug off upon TimeMachine backup completion

    I am trying to have a HomeKit-enabled smart plug power on my backup drive at a specific time of the day and power off the smart plug once the Time Machine backup is completed. So far I’m able to back up to the drive and automatically eject it upon completion. For more info see the following...
  16. Sportpoz

    HomeKit Issue with high cellular data usage after updating to 14.5.x

    Since update HomePods (both small and large) and Apple TV to 14.5.x, problem has appeared for all household members who are added to the HOME. The problem manifests itself in sending huge amounts of data over the cellular network when someone is away from home and very fast battery consumption...
  17. merrickdrfc

    HomeKit “It seems that you are not home” 14.5

    Ever since updating to 14.5 I can’t seem to say ‘goodnight’ to Siri, as it always accuses me of not being at home… I have a scene named “goodnight” and this used to reliably switch off all my HomeKit devices. Now I get this message and selecting yes just shows an error. This occurs on any iOS...
  18. K

    HomeKit HomeKit "traditional" toggle switch, NOT paddle?

    HI, There are alot of light switches for HomeKit but they're all new 'Paddle' style. Are there any "traditional" toggle switches here in the US? closest I got so far: I see the 'C by GE' which is close, but they are single gang and I need two sidebyside (they don't make a double plate?!) Not...
  19. S

    HomeKit any suggestion for Homekit support air purifier?

    I am looking for some compatible air purifier that is Homekit certified. I know one of the famous one is VOCOline and I also watched a youtube review of Smartmi P1 which is a smaller type and it's root brand seems a Xiaomi series. What about any other suggestion? If it really works well with...
  20. purdnost

    HomeKit Are Smart Locks Safe?

    I’m interested in investing in a couple of SimpliSafe Smart Locks. I like the idea that I can automate doors to lock in case I forgot to do so manually. My question is, are such locks generally safe to use? As in, is it hard to hack or bypass them, or disable them altogether?