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    With the recent price drop, I'm thinking more seriously of purchasing an additional HomePod.

    I would like to buy one to go in our kitchen, and think the white model would look best there, but have concerns about the durability of the white fabric mesh covering in a kitchen environment.

    Can anyone with a white HomePod situated in a kitchen share any thoughts on this? Does the fabric yellow over time, or pick up cooking residue (odour, too?)?

    How useful do you find it in the kitchen - is Siri able to distinguish between your voice and background noise from extractor fans, bubbling & hissing pans etc.?
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    in my experience, if you're going to have one in the kitchen, put it up somewhere high where someone can't spill something on it. Mine has been fine and not damaged, but several times water from glasses have spilled on the counter within inches of the homepod. Food has gotten on it, but the outside of the homepod is literally just a cover for looks so not too big of a deal to me. But most recently did move the homepod up above the oven where nothing will get to it. Works great in the kitchen! microphones on homepod are by far the best....even better than any amazon echo device i've had.
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    Sep 10, 2014
    Yes! I have one in the kitchen; it is white; and I keep it on my kitchen desk. It has not yellowed at all. Occasionally I use the soft vacuum brush to remove possible dust on the mesh, although haven’t seen any. It is very unobtrusive and easily picks up my voice from across the room with the exhaust fan on. I haven’t tried over the food processor or blender.
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    I too am considering a white HomePod but in my case, for the bathroom. I'm a little concerned about the humidity, though I live alone and don't typically close the bathroom door when showering. I've looked at HomePods on display at the Apple Store and even though I'm sure they swap them out regularly, the white HomePod is pretty marred up with oils from people's hands. I'm not sure I'd trust it in the kitchen, unless it's out of the way on a shelf and used only by voice commands.

    I love the HomePod I have in the living room and have been eager to expand it to different parts of my home. But the HomePod line is too narrow (just one device type) to fit well in different rooms. I wanted to get one for my bedroom but living in a condo with mirrored suite layouts, the bedroom walls are placed up against my neighbour's bedroom and I'm worried that the HomePod's heavy base will transfer next door. I'd love a HomePod mini that's just powerful enough to play softly in a bedroom without much base but brings Hey Siri to the other most used room in my home.
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    I have a homepod in my kitchen-- I would just second the suggestion to put it up high (mine is on top of my Fridge-- out of the way of any spattering or splashing).

    I ended up deciding against the white Homepod just based on looking at how much harder they were to keep clean (just looked at the white display models at the Apple store), which is fine really as black goes just as well with my particular setup.

    In any case-- I love having a HomePod in the kitchen-- I do recommend it ;)
  6. Shanghaichica macrumors G4


    Apr 8, 2013
    My HomePods are in my living room, however a do have a white (sandstone) echo dot in my kitchen and it’s held up well. No stains or discolouration.
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    That's what, "Hey siri, turn on the fan", is for.

    Followed by, "Hey siri, turn up the volume" :)
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    Don't put them on wood/butcherblock counters. The soft pads on the bottom discolor oiled wood

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