1. wordlessjam

    HomePod OG HomePod Won’t Play

    Hi, I have two OG HomePod’s in a stereo pair and they wont play music either through airplay or asking Siri. They are the default output for my 1st gen 4K Apple TV and that works perfectly fine. To get around this issue I have to restart the HomePod’s everytime i want to play music. Has anyone...
  2. matrix07

    HomePod Automation to put HomePod to sleep at night?

    Hi, Anyone here competent at automation? I just want to say to HomePod “Hey Siri good night” and it will play a rain sound for 30 minutes then goes to sleep. Sounds simple enough. The problem is I know nothing about automation in Home or Shortcuts so.. helps! 😓
  3. Mr. Brightsider

    2 OG HomePods or AirPods Pro for best Atmos experience?

    I’m aware of the fact that Apple discontinued the OG HomePod and is now fully promoting the HomePod minis. I just wanted to ask you guys for advice. Do you guys think it’s still worth buying the OG HomePod? If I do buy a set, will they give an impressive full immersive experience? Are they...
  4. L

    Eve Door / HomePod Shortcuts

    Hi, I have Eve contact sensors on my front door, back door, and patio door. Is there a Shortcut or any other way of having my HomePod Minis announce that a specific door has been opened/closed? Thanks!
  5. M

    HomePod HomePod View (Concept)

    Really just messing around and thought id make something different.
  6. h3h394

    HomePod HomePod mini lots of issues

    Issues I'm having: Intercom not working, there was also no setup for it Can't toggle on or off any homepod settings Can't set any Homepod as home hub Automations not showing Can't update settings for language or login to a different account Asking Siri to find iPhone works, but when asking for...
  7. Sportpoz

    HomeKit Issue with high cellular data usage after updating to 14.5.x

    Since update HomePods (both small and large) and Apple TV to 14.5.x, problem has appeared for all household members who are added to the HOME. The problem manifests itself in sending huge amounts of data over the cellular network when someone is away from home and very fast battery consumption...
  8. DaveJacko15

    HomePod HomePod - Can't find anything on Apple Music

    I've had a HomePod for a few years now. All of a sudden it has stopped letting me access Apple Music. My subscription is fine, working on my Mac and iPhone. When I ask it to play something its says "I didn't find XXXXXX on Apple Music" but if I ask it to simply "Play some Music", it works...
  9. seme332

    Issues with personal update on HomePod since 14.5?

    My HomePods haven’t been able to give me my personal update anymore since updating them to 14.5. I’m in Germany, and both of my HomePod minis just keep telling me there is a problem with the connection and that I should check if the HomePod is in the same WiFi as my iPhone. Everything else works...
  10. merrickdrfc

    HomeKit “It seems that you are not home” 14.5

    Ever since updating to 14.5 I can’t seem to say ‘goodnight’ to Siri, as it always accuses me of not being at home… I have a scene named “goodnight” and this used to reliably switch off all my HomeKit devices. Now I get this message and selecting yes just shows an error. This occurs on any iOS...
  11. S

    HomePod Odd behavior from full sized HomePod stereo pair

    Odd behavior... I have a full sized HomePod stereo pair in 1 room, another full sized single HomePod upstairs, and a HomePod Mini. Since the latest OS update (was it TVOS 14.5??), the full sized stereo pair has gotten annoyingly quirky. Now, if I tell the full sized pair to play 'everywhere'...
  12. Z

    HomePod Should I downgrade to HomePod Mini

    Purchased HomePod out of FOMO when it’s gone. I have OG Google Home, 1 Home Mini in bedroom and Cast enabled 2.1 Sony Soundbar in my living room. Been looking to upgrade speaker to better sounding one and integrate Siri with controlling smart lights in my apartment. I checked HomePod Mini store...
  13. J

    HomePod Airplay: streaming to HomePod and MacBook simultaneously

    Hi, sitting at my MacBook Pro Late 2018 running Big Sur, I want to stream a podcast on Spotify to hompod mini and a Sonos speaker and output it on my MacBook as well. In Apple's Music app on my MacBook, this isn't an issue. I just select all 3 devices from the list. Music is playing on...
  14. M115CLE

    HomePod Possible HomePod Bug

    Can someone try this for me, I've tried it on 2 different HomePods and get the same thing. I've very hard of hearing so it's bloody annoying. 1. Hey Siri, Set my timer for 3 minutes 30 seconds 2. Hey Siri, Turn your Volume Up to 100% 3. Confirm the response that "Thats very loud, are you...
  15. CJ Dorschel

    HomePod HomePods for front speakers on a 5.1 system

    I have a second home theatre with a Marantz AVR and a 5.1 speaker setup (all wired to a media cabinet where all my equipment is kept). As this is my secondary home theatre I haven‘t updated it in a while and need to replace my left and right channel front speakers. I was looking at B&W as my...
  16. A

    HomePod HomePod Mini

    I keep getting the below error endnote trying to AirPlay/transfer music across from my phone. The HomePod mini just won’t connect. It’s connected to WiFi, I’ve tried resetting the Mini and my phone and still no luck.
  17. M

    Listening to music while using Apple TV

    If I have a HomePod or HomePod mini paired to an Apple TV, can I play music through airplay from my phone, while whatever video I'm watching on the TV is muted, or will the speaker not allow that? Just need to know whether I'll need a separate speaker for that. Thank you very much.
  18. brunosh

    HomePod Airplay issues

    Hey guys! So I just got a new HomePod mini, but I'm kinda disappointed because my main goal was to use it as an Airplay speaker from my iPhone but I'm having many problems with that. The connection keeps failing, and it's very frustrating... I've tried everything, like updates, reseting...
  19. rboerdijk

    HomePod Homepod play playlist of purchased iTunes music

    Hello, I have a homepod-mini and a mac-mini. I have a collection of music I purchased on iTunes over the years (either as Albums or as individual Tracks) and would like to create a playlist and play it on the homepod. For testing I created a playlist "Mix" containing a few songs. I would like...
  20. H

    HomePod Personal Requests on HomePod Mini

    I apologize if this has been answered already, I did look but couldn't find anything with my specific issue. I had the original HomePod and experienced the same issue however my new HomePod Mini just arrived and I am having the same issuie. When setting up my new HomePod it tells me that some...