1. R

    HomePod I can't AirPlay to my new HomePod from Music App from my Mac

    Hello, I've just finished setting up my HomePod. Everything works fine, except when I try to use it as an AirPlay speaker from the Music app on my Mac. It keeps telling me that "only people who share a home in the Home app can control this speaker" (my translation, don't know if that's the...
  2. blaizefm

    HomePod Homepods auto-grouping overnight

    As the title says, I have three Homepods in my home that have this somewhat annoying glitch where they seem to want to huddle together in groups. Sometimes all of them are grouped, sometimes just a couple. So, go to bed at night: all ungrouped. Wake up (but not every day, so is inconcistent)...
  3. L

    HomePod Homepod for weather says "Somethings wrong"

    Hi everyone I have a question. Now I have NOT asked Siri in a while hows the weather but after updating now to 13.4 just to make sure everything is running properly I first asked Siri what time is it, no problem, same with the news, but when I ask siri for the weather she will say "Sorry...
  4. zachlegomaniac

    Bricked HomePod Help / Advice

    Hello, About a month ago one of my brother's HomePods bricked. The white light that usually indicates Siri was replaced by red and the volume buttons became extra bright and flashed both at the same time over and over when plugged in. I told him I thought I read here there was an issue with...
  5. CJ Dorschel

    All Devices AirPlay to HomePod from iPad/iPhone No Longer Plays Just Sound

    I'm not certain if this relates to the firmware on iPadOS/iOS 13 or HomePod, but I used to be able to airplay just audio to my HomePod and watch video on my iPad Pro 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. Now if I use any app: Spectrum, Infuse Pro, Apple TV+, anytime I select one of my HomePod's to play just the...
  6. Y

    HomePod HomePod Stereo Pair—shows as separate

    I have two Homepods that are setup as a pair In the Home App, they show as a pair. But when in Music or Podcast and I hit Airplay, they don’t show as a pair (I see each individually). Any ideas how to correct this?
  7. ipedro

    HomeKit A mixed Siri + Alexa home

    I built my smart home around Apple’s ecosystem ensuring HomeKit compatibility whenever I added a new smart home device. All the lights in my home are Philips Hue with a few decorative Nanoleaf lights. I’ve got Eve power outlets turning on my kitchen greenhouse and powering off my TV at night...
  8. P

    HomePod Use HomePod for Audio + Projector for Video

    I'm looking to purchase a hopefully relatively inexpensive projector to play movies in my bedroom, but I'd like to use the HomePod for the audio source. I know that all projectors are different, but assuming that the projector requires a wired connection to accept the video, does anyone know how...
  9. F

    HomePod Siri Working VERY Poorly After Update to 13.2.1

    Yes, I didn't update my HomePod to 13.2 and waited for the 13.2.1 which initially seemed to work. Unfortunately, it now seems that my HomePod has lost the ability to respond to many requests. When I ask for the weather it just says, "Sorry, something's wrong. Please try again." When I ask about...
  10. F

    HomePod On the HomePod, can you play music as a wake-up alarm?

    This wasn't possible under the initial release nearly two years ago, it was still missing in the iOS 12 update, and now that we have iOS 13 is this STILL not possible? What I want is a way to say, "Hey Siri, play my Morning Playlist at 7:15AM." Interestingly enough, my $30 Google Mini can do...
  11. W

    HomePod How can I "unsee" 13.2 HomePod update in Home app?

    So I had 13.2 pop up in the Home app for my HomePod and I went to update on Monday evening (central time) around 8pm or so. The update never progressed and just said "update requested". I left it then read about the brick issues etc and decided to quit it. Thankfully my HomePod is still working...
  12. P

    HomePod HomePod 13.2 Questions

    I was about to type out two HomePod 13.2-related questions, but I discovered the answer for the first. I figured I would answer the question for the forum, as I'm sure I can't be the only one wondering. I still have a second question, if someone can help me out there. (1) How do you have the...
  13. YankeeSR23

    HomePod Any way to way Siri say less??

    Is there any way to make Siri less verbose? I had an echo dot connected to my Philips hue lights and whenever I gave a command it just did it but on my HomePod Siri likes to tell me all the steps it is going through when I’d rather they just happened without me being told. I want to say the...
  14. tvstimmyg

    AirPlay to Stereo Paired HomePods

    So, I thought that Catalina was supposed to bring AirPlay 2 support to MacOS. Yet, when I look at audio outputs from my iMac, I only see one of my paired HomePods. Am I missing something obvious?
  15. M

    HomePod HomePod question

    Do the other people in my home (invited via the Home app) see which music I am currently listening on my HomePod?
  16. HappyDude20

    HomePod A few HomePod questions

    Looking to get my first HomePod in the coming weeks. I Don’t pay for Apple Music streaming but do havtwo dozen gigs worth of music I’ve saved up over the decade. Presumably these shouldn’t be any issue to stream right? The music exists on both my iPhone and iTunes on my MBP. I’m guessing my...
  17. O

    All Devices HomePod set alarm with podcast iOS 13.1 iPadOS 13.1

    Hi, How can I set a alarm with my HomePod that can play my podcast? Thanks
  18. GIZBUG

    Streaming audio question

    ATV 4K, if I select my HomePod AND stereo system, and i open say YoutubeTV app, I get audio through both stereo speakers and HomePod as intended.. However tonight I noticed when using my WWE Network app, if I select my HomePod and Stereo system, my HomePod isn't playing the sound. Is this an...
  19. dmfresco

    iPhone HomePod will place call but not send message with iOS 13 Public Beta update

    My HomePod, updated to 12.4 with the iOS 13 Public Beta 4 update on my iPhone, will no longer send a message when I say Hey Siri, send a message to .... Siri says, uh oh, there's a problem. I can place a telephone call as before by saying Siri, call ... Is there any way to get this...