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Jul 18, 2012
I’m calling it: HomePod Pro, for the prosumer marker who wants professional tools but are not yet earning a living using them. It’s a massive gap in the market there (the market the HomePod just created, successful or not).

It would fit right in along with GarageBand, logic, Final Cut Pro etc.

So obviously it would need to do stereo exceptionally well and sound very “flat” so it can be used for mixing, but also upgrade to 5.1 and beyond for film editing/mixing.

I’m betting on a Q1 2020 release. Starting from $999. Cheaper if you buy in bulk.

What else would it do? And what specs would it have?


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Feb 23, 2011
Fredericton NB Canada
I can see that.

Sooner, I bet we'll see the smaller, cheaper model to compete with the Google and Amazon speakers. I would think that Apple will then sell you a Beats sub woofer to round out the sound of a pair of these smaller, cheaper HomePods.
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