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Apr 8, 2015
I've charged my 13 Pro with the little 5w brick, not because I was trying to save battery, but because it was handy. My battery is at 86%.

My best advice is to use your phone however you want, and charge with whatever you want. Replace the battery when it gets to be a problem.
Completely agree, I do it because it’s no compromise for me, but yeah, all battery care measures are irrelevant.

It’s pointless to charge slowly if you’re going to update iOS, because it will obliterate battery life regardless. It’s pointless to do it if you won’t update, because battery health is irrelevant if on the original iOS version.

I just don’t need to charge quickly so I use a 5w, but I wouldn’t hesitate to charge faster if I needed to. It’s not like battery life will get worse on iOS 12 regardless.

Jimmie Geddes

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Jun 25, 2007
I've used optimized battery charging (never turned it off) on my iPhone 14 Pro Max since the day it was released and my battery capacity is 92%.


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Jun 18, 2013
Optimized doesn’t do enough to save the battery. It’s the heat from wireless and high powered charging along with sitting at 100% charge for extended periods.
I’ve had an iPhone 12 and SE2 for about 32 months and both are sitting at 82% battery health. IPhone 12 was charged via magsafe every night and my SE2 was charged with a cord and the apple 5W charger. The 12 was also used a lot more and had to charge throughout the day. My personal experience has led me to believe it doesn't matter how you charge in the end..


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Jul 23, 2013
So it’s bad to charge the iPhone to 100%? I always use a cable I don’t mess with the magsafe stuff. I do have a nomad pad but hardly use it


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Feb 10, 2009
I do a full 7.5w qi charge every night from near empty and I’m at 97% on my 14 pro after a year. I think the high heat from 15w MagSafe is what degrades them rapidly.
That’s not the case for me. I use a 15w MagSafe to charge my one year old 14 pro and my battery health is still at 96%. I think it’s the charging habits. With my two latest iPhones - 13 pro and 14 pro I charge a little here and a little there but never up to 100 % and never below 20% though. After one year with my 13 pro; the battery health was still at 100%.
It’s not the case with my 14 pro though. There are two reasons I think. First I left my phone in a hot car by mistake several times this summer (that’s bad for the battery) and second; I think the 14 pro battery is worse than the 13 pro’s.


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Dec 14, 2010
All I want is to plug in or connect any charger, and for a pop up to display, asking me whether I want to charge to 80% or 100%. That's it.
AlDente on my MacBook can limit charging to whatever level I want to set it at, so surely it's do-able on the iPhone too.
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