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Sep 20, 2013
It looks like everyday the delivery date keeps getting pushed back and back. Will this be a hard device to get once it comes out? I want to get it but I won't get at home during delivery and there's no option to pick it up. I'm just wondering if this will be a coveted device and now I'll have to wait a few months because of this.


Apr 24, 2016
Yes, totally a reason to worry, as so many Apple devices are so hard to get! I wouldn’t even know to buy one in the first place. FUD...
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rui no onna

Oct 25, 2013
Online gets pushed back but I find it's usually easy to find newly released iPads in retail stores. Only one I had difficulty finding in store upon release was the 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 512GB. I believe the 2018 iPad Pro 11/12.9 1TB had very limited stock as well.
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