How I messed up my new iMac and what I should do next!?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Fallinangel, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Dec 21, 2005

    Yesterday, I got my brand new 27" iMac. When it booted for the first time, everything was fine. I checked if the display had any of the yellow tint issues, and it had none.
    So I updated the RAM to 8 GB and started the iMac again to see if it recognizes the newly installed memory, and it did.

    However, then I went ahead and started the SSD install process. I followed the ChargedPC guide and everything went just fine.
    It sure was a pickle to refit the logic board, but I managed after a couple of tries. So I reconnected all the wires and screws following the guide meticulously and double checking every connection.

    So far, everything went really excellent, until I had to reconnect the display.
    All the cables went in well, except the delicate, golden one on the right (when your facing the iSight camera).
    Although, its bracket was open, I didn't manage to plug it in right away.
    When I inspected the connector, I saw that I had broken off and bend some of the fine pins. It must have happened when I applied a little pressure to get it in!

    Anyway, after trying to start the iMac, the display remained black. It's dead!
    However, the mechanical HDD starts spinning and the OS X chime sounds.

    1) Do you think that it really is the connector that is causing this?
    2) Is it possible to get a replacement cable somewhere?

    I can't send it back to Apple like this. It surely would cost a fortune and wouldn't be covered by the insurance.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks. :(

    Here's the reference that's inscribed on the cable: MLB SIDE 593-1352 A 13/11F
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    The service manual does shown a separate cable "Cable Display Port 922-9848. It will be messy tape wise removing it from the display side; you know the other side... ;-)

    I would try eBay - I don't think an Apple Store will sell it direct, but if you know someone, it might be possible. Oerwise, eBay. Find an iMac that's being parted out first, if that doesn't pan out, you'll have to go after individual cables.

    If you know for sure it's just the cable (i.e. logic board connector is ok), you might find a tender soul at Apple Store who might just come up with a quote for just the cable and labor.
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    Oh no, not another broken display connector and on a new computer! I've seen flat rate mac board repair services on eBay, but don't know who's good.

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