How Long Untill Apple Targets 1.0.2 iPhones...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mpuck972, Sep 30, 2007.

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    Aug 31, 2007
    Direct Tv used to be a widely hacked service. They had a second generation access card that was easily hacked. So they released a more securly encrypted third generation access card. They sent out thousands of new cards to existing customers. One day, they shut down the signal that the second generation card could decode. If you had one still, you got a message to call customer service, and they overnighted you a new card.

    So what will stop Apple from doing something similar? I can imagine they could accomplish it through iTunes. I know you can disable auotmatic updates, but what if they one day send out a message checking for older firmware, and forcing you to update to continue service?

    Apples attack on 3rd party apps, was just that, an attack. Why such a large size update package? Obviuosly they didnt rewrite the entire OS, because the space taken up by 3rd party apps, was still taken up after the update. Now do some not only have their apps covered up, they now have storage space they can never recover.

    I for one have left my phone at 1.0.2 because Apple has failed to release any new apps besides wifi iTunes in 3 months, while Installer has over a hundred. The arguement given by Apple about 'bringing down the network' is pathetic. At this site: mobile&tag=srch

    There are over 2,500 applications that will run on a windows mobile device. Guess what, no network failure what so ever.

    Its sad to see that Apple has really dropped the ball in regards to its reputation. The device that was once known as a revolutionary device, is now regarded as that phone with the rebate that got unlocked, and then bricked by Apple.

    Now I'm just waiting to see a message pop up one day in iTunes telling me I have to update to continue receiving service.
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    Jan 18, 2006
    I don't think they will. . .In the DirecTV case you ref, people were STEALING the signal - not paying and getting access to channels. In the IPhone case nobody is stealing anything. . .you are (arguably) using the IPhone against its intended purposes which could invalidate your warranty but not breaking the law. If Apple were to go the next step they would probably step over the bounds legally and ethically.
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    Sep 30, 2007
    Who's phone is it anyway ?

    If you bought a car from a dealer and modified it after purchase, would the manufacturer be able to immobilise the car as a result. I think not. It might invalidate the warranty but that would be the choice of the buyer.

    The car, however, would be the property of the purchaser. Surely, for any company to sell a product and then retain the right to maliciously damage that property after selling it on, whenever it takes their fancy, must be highly questionable in the eyes of the law.

    The purchaser should have the right to decide what he or she does with his purchase. The validity of any warranty is another issue.

    Maybe I am missing the point here ???
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    Apparently, since 1) there is no evidence Apple did anything maliciously and 2) at least one method of unlocking has not been affected by the update

    The car analogy isn't accurate either. A closer one would be if you hacked the on-board computer (in itself, invalidating the warranty). Then the dealer, during normal maintenance, applies a service update which is not compatible with your hack. You then must spend $700 for troubleshooting while they sort out why your engine is firing on 3 cylinders and the transmission only runs in reverse.
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    I won't debate hacks, but I do have a good guess.

    I think 10.5 is going to have a new version of iTunes 7.4.3 or 7.5 which will already contain firmware 1.1.1 so iPhone users won't have to download a 100+MB file to restore their "current firmware" iPhones. There may be workarounds but by default I think that this firmware 1.1.1 or newer will be shipping on the 10.5 Install DVD.

    I hope not but firmware 1.0.2 iPhone users might be limited to 10.4.x

    This sounds reasonable according to Apples recent poiicy

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