How much do you think iMac's production cost?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iSayuSay, Jul 19, 2011.

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    This is a light discussion about how much an iMac would cost out of the factory (no tax, no shipping cost, no profit margin, no nuthin .. perfectly virgin :D)

    Many articles discussed about how much an iPhone 4 would cost out of factory. It's close to $190, and Apple sold it for how much? $600 :eek: ??!! (assume we buy a raw and unlocked iPhone, no contract whatsoever).

    But not many (or I haven't found one) which discuss about how much is the production cost of an iMac? Share your thought here, it's up to you which iMac you'd like to discuss.

    I, personally think that hi-end 27" iMac w/ i7 upgrade would cost around $1500 out of factory, and Apple sell it for $2200 ... almost 50% profit margin (still not count post production costs i.e shipping, tax etc )
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    $1350.00 is my guess

    hey steve j. how about giving one away to the closest guess.
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    Surely not .. the final price for customer includes it .. And that's why like I said (sourced from article) iPhone 4's production cost is around $190 ... and for the very reason you mentioned, we pay $600 for it :)

    And I just want to guess about how much an iMac's production would cost, out of factory
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