How to eject install disk on old imac?


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Feb 12, 2006
I picked up a couple of imac(400 with 128 ram) and they didn't come with an OS installed. I tried to install the newest version and an error said that it could not find the driver and I have to restart. I wanted to take out the 10.4 disk and find an older version ti install but I can't eject the disk. How do I eject the disk and what OS is best for this system(9.?)?


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Jan 20, 2005
Hold down the mouse button while restarting to eject the disk.

9.2.2 is a good OS for that machine. It will also run OS X surprisingly well if you bump up the RAM as far as it will go. My parents have a machine of similar vintage, and I've been surprised at how well it runs OS X...I believe they have Panther (10.3) on their machine.


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Oct 29, 2006
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Hold down the mouse button on restart - this should eject the CD.

The 400mHz iMac should be able to run 10.4, but you would need to add RAM to meet the minimum requirement of 256MB.

Is the install disk a retail version or are you using another machine's restore disk?