How to enable AMD Radeon 470 Mac Pro


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Jan 10, 2004
Okay, about to pull the trigger on an ATI Radeon 470 for my 4,1 Mac Pro.

Explain like I'm 5, but what are the methods for getting it to work with macOS Sierra? How about boot screen flashing?

Is changing the ktext still required for Sierra, and how is that done exactly?

Overall, the new MacBook Pros are using the 460, and I assume the next iMac refresh will do something with the 470, which will give these cards support with macOS for a long time.

I had very little success with the Nvidia 750ti, with a variety of KP's for whatever reasons, and since I generally stick with the Mac ecosystem of Open CL and Metal type of things, I should be happy with the 470. My eBay flashed 280x at work has zero issues.

Thanks for the info...


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Jan 11, 2008
Been looking around for the possible next step up from my 7950 Mac Edition hopefully in the next few months. The R9 280x isn't that vast a jump in performance (I would like better 1440p gaming) but the RX 470 sounds promising and energy saving. Trouble is I ideally would like a boot screen and access to safe mode/recovery partition and no kext modding or issues with updating the OS.

Maybe when the next iMacs are finally released the kext hacks won't be necessary if one of their GPU options is based on the same version? If there is a demand I guess someone might be able to make the boot screen work on a Polaris based card like with the 280X for those of us that just need buy a plug & play solution. I'm guessing Apple won't want another official Mac release from a manufacturer even if they wanted to offer us one as they want us to give up our old Macs and buy a new one....
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