How to maximize the Window


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Dec 10, 2009
Can anyone kindly advise how to maximize the window in Snow Leopard?

For example,if you open the Safari,it does not like in the Microsoft windonws(by clicking the square icon in the middle),now what I can do is just to pull the "icon" at the right corner of the window to "make the window" bigger.

Thanks for your advise.:confused:


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Oct 29, 2006
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The green or "+" button toggles between an OS optimized view and your own last setting. There's no system-wide "full screen" button in Mac OS-X. It's part of the document vs application window paradigm difference between Mac OS and Windows. It actually is a much more efficient use of real-estate, as the application's menu bar doesn't have to take up space with each open window.

There are many, many, threads on the subject - feel free to search here at MR or Google.
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