How to Partition Lacie Little Big disk T with RAID 0 for Mini 2011?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by ejosepha, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. ejosepha, Feb 25, 2012
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    I have received the new Lacie Little Big Disk 2TB. Well, received and sent back because of way too much screeching noise. When it is returned it comes as a RAID O.
    What is the best way of dividing this into 4 partitions without loosing the relative speed of the set-up. When I go to disk utility I see two samsung 1TB drives chosen as part of the RAID 0. I want to be able to have 1 TB for video backup, 150 for Time Machine backup for the mini, 150 TB for Time Machine backup for my Macbook Air with thunderbolt, and perhaps 700TB for other usage. Can this be done easily, or do I have to erase everything, learn how to re-create the Raid 0 four different times at different sizes?
    When I click on the 2TB total drive seen as Lacie in utilizes I don't see any options. When I click on individual Samsung 1TB drives that makeup the Raid 0 it doesn't seem very clear. I don't want to erase one and then be lost.
    Best would be to just keep the 2tb as delivered and partition. Can that be done? How? If not, what is the next simplest way?
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    It would be best to keep the the drive a one large RAID 0 partition. Everything you are doing uses the same file system so there is no need to partition the drive. Just use a directory structure to organize the data as described.

    Beware, some people will advise against RAID 0 because of potential data loss on both drives if one fails stating the RAID 0 doubles the potential failure rate. This is statistical correct but the MTBF is very low to begin with.
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    Thanks for the response. When you say directory structure, you mean just call one file TIME Machine Mini and another Time Machine Air, and another Video? etc? When I connect the drive, how would the Mini, for example, know where to go to start it's Time Machine update? Is that by default. I won't leave the Lacie on all of the time but use it for backups, some video work, etc. Maybe a Carbon Copy Clone of the OSX when needed. I will use my 30 ACD daisy chained to it with the mini-display port most of the time.
    Will the Macbook Air know where to direct itself automatically once I set up a file for it's Time Machine Backup?
    Perhaps i alway thought that by partitioning I would really be delegating separate space for separate uses. If I can do the same just by adding folders to the total 2TB, why not. What kind of directory structure are you referring to?
    Thanks for any clarification.
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    you need to start from the beginning.

    delete the raid and run it as two separate drives. this is the single safest way to use the lbd. If you give me a few minutes I will set up a lbd and show step by step. I have 2 256gb ssds in a raid0 512gb.

    you have 2 1 tb in a raid0 . I am going to delete the raid and revert to two separate hdds.

    my lacie 512gb raid0 had a 140gb file I will copy it via superduper. your unit should be empty. this will take a bit to copy and delete. okay I deleted the raid0. got back to a pair of 256gb ssds. then I gave them 4 partitions each

    one will link to 1111
    two will link to 2222
    3 will link to 3333
    4 will link to 4444

    I don't want to double post so if you have question please ask. I would not do it this way. it is faster but hard on the cpu as 4 raids must be tracked.

    I will show you the fast way which is 4 raid0 and it is dumb for you to do. if 1 raid0 dies most likely all 4 will die.

    I will show you the slower safer way. each drive will have 2 partitions say 200 and 800 gb the 2 drives are independent but slower. still since you are doing it for backup it is safer. okay 22 minutes later and the 512gb hdd has been cloned.

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Thank you for the response. I think that your advice, at least in the near term, is the way I will go. I bought the LBD to maximize space but also performance. I assume that this will work as well as the Time Machine backup for my Macbook Air with thunderbolt as well.
    A question:
    Can you use multiple external disks to do Time Machine backups of the same computer, so basically I would have two copies of the Time Machine backup on two different external HDs?
    Also, i presume that when you use the Lacie LBD as Time Machine backup for both the Mini and the Air, that the computers know how to find the appropriate files to update their backups.
    Thanks again

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