How to protect from Ransomware?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by johannnn, Jan 14, 2017.

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    I see that ransomware are getting smarter and smarter, and I have no doubts they could be a big threat for macOS in the future as well.

    What are some good yet convenient ways to protect against getting ransomware?
    After I got a job I don't need to get software from shady sites anymore, which I assume is the biggest source of ransomware.
    But what else? A non-infected backup must be crucial if it actually gets infected, but after reading that backups also can get infected ( I'm not sure how to do it. Does it matter if I use an USB drive, wireless Time Machine, syncing apps like iCloud/Dropbox or internet backup like backblaze?
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    Actually, there has been only one instance of ransomware on Mac so far and it was obtained from a legitimate source. o_O
    • Have multiple storage mediums available for backups. Rotate between them frequently and don’t keep them connected to your computer for too long. You can use Time Machine with multiple disks simultaneously, they are used independently. Ideally, you may want to burn archived files to CD/DVD if you can (there are special ‘archival grade’ discs that can be used for this purpose, which erode much, much slower).
    • Use a standard user account to make it harder for ransomware to gain access to your Time Machine disk.
    • Keep your system and applications up to date and don’t disable or override security mechanisms, such as System Integrity Protection and Gatekeeper.
    • Purchase software from the App Store (that software is sandboxed) and purchase sandboxed software if you can.
    • Avoid unofficial sources, such as MacUpdate and Softonic.

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