How to wipe harddrive?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by SPNarwhal, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Alright, so.
    I just got a new Macbook Pro today.
    I loaded it up, and recovered a backup I had on my Time Capsule.
    It ended up being the wrong backup, and so I put my Snow Leopard Disc in and went to install that (thinking it would give me the option to do a fresh install/wipe things)
    but I forgot that I would have to access the disc by restarting, and so it just started to install.

    Anyway, I cancelled it, and tried restarting the laptop with the disc inside so I can wipe the harddrive and install it. But when I do that and hold C or Option to access the disc, it opens at the chime, white screen, and apple logo. It freezes at that.

    I went to disk utility and it won't allow me to erase the drive. The erase button is grayed out, the only thing I can do is "Delete Free Space"

    What can I do?

    I want to delete the whole drive, and do a fresh install of Snow Leopard, and then later after that, restore my old files from my backup.

    Any advice?

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