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Discussion in 'iPad' started by thetruth1985, Mar 11, 2011.

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    So about a week ago, while browsing the craigslist for Houston, I came across an interesting post. Basically, a guy said that he will have the Ipad 2 64gb 3g on March 11th brand new for only $700. I sent him a text for giggles and was surprised when he texted me back. He said he would have it on the 11th and would text me again then. I totally forgot about it because I was not even sure I wanted to get the newer one since I still have a older one. This morning he sent me a text and asked if I still wanted it. I told him I wanted it and that we could meet asap. He then said that he would have it after 5 and would contact me then. Sure enough, he called me and I now have a brand new white 64gb 3g verizon ipad for $700!!! I did ask him if it was stolen and he said no. I'm guessing he probably bought it with a gift card or something but I didn't want to ask too many questions. The guy didn't seem poor or anything as he was well dressed and driving a brand new Lexus. Either way, I'm happy I have a new Ipad for less than retail on the day of release!
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    This story is absolute bull *****
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    Lol he was actually a middle aged filipino guy. I really wish I knew how he got it because I'm pretty sure he would not pay $829 plus tax only to sell it 2 hours later still sealed for $700.

    Oh and I understand you may think this is BS and I admit that it does sound pretty far fetched. At the end of the day, I will sleep well knowing that I got such a great deal!
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    I think it was hot, the way this sounds. Could have been some bartering deal he had and was not into iPads.
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    Pics or it didn't happen :D

    Sleep well knowing you got a good deal but can you sleep well knowing you have handled a "suspicious" iPad 2... sounds like a credit card job to me. Like you say, don't make sense that someone would sell it for less than retail price. With such high demand on launch day and stocks limited, for sure he could have sold it for more!
    He obviously wanted to offload it asap... And to me that implies he obtained the iPad in a fishy manner.

    Nevertheless, enjoy.

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