I am designing a battery + hub for the rMB and I need your help

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by voltus, May 4, 2015.

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    Presently there are 3 contenders on Kickstarter, that offer expanded connectivity and other features

    1. Voltus: First and for most an external rapid charge power solution, while away from the mains supply for extended periods, that also offers port expansion; USB C passthrough, USB C out & USB 3 A type ports.
    Downside by nature larger capacity batteries incur bulk & additional weight

    2. KADI: solely port expansion, data, video & power.
    Downside as the Kadi mimics the Retina MacBook`s svelte profile, I can see some USB plugs etc. may place strain and or force the Kadi up off the desk, requires a further adaptor for HDMI.

    3. Hub+: port expansion, data, video & power with ability to charge a smartphone etc
    Downside not too much really as a port expansion hub, however Hub+ requires a further adaptor for HDMI.

    Hub+ & KADI are very similar being primarily expansion hubs, Voltus will keep your Retina MacBook up and running while in the field and or traveling, additionally offering USB expansion.

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    Great summary!

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