iPhone X "I Got the X" - but some of my old data is gone from encrypted backup

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    Well I now own a iPhoneX 256 in the grey color... But I ran into a problem relating to my old phones data:

    Before this all went down I backed up my 7+ to my iMac (with the encryption so as to keep my healthkit data and some other things) as it was starting to have a number of minor problems with the charging port.

    Ultimately I could have kept it but due to my carrier having a deal yesterday they only do twice a year where you get up to $200 in accessories for free I ended up springing.

    However, when I restored my backup, the data that got restored lost almost two years worth of iPhone healthkit data but kept the data my old iPhone6 had saved somehow was restored. So I lost a lot of health milestone awards.

    Not only that, photos for the last year at least - pics taken in Ireland and New York among other places. It's saved to my computer but the phone backup seemed to stop somewhere last february.

    Any idea how this might be recoverable? Or is it lost permanently and just try and get those awards again?
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    Update: I think I figured it out.

    A friend wanted to take advantage of the same deal so he backed up his own iPhone7+ to my machine because he hadn't backed his phone up in some time. I thought it would be possible for multiple users to back up their phones to a single machine but what this did was overwrite my backup - thus destroying the backup I created last evening.

    I've got several other backups on my computer dating to 2016 but for reasons unknown my most recent backup is 10/4/16.

    Not sure how this happens but if you have someone who wants to use your pc to back up the data don't let them do it or you will lose data.
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    Even stranger with a happy ending:
    Apparently my most recent backup is mine after all. So where did my friends' backup go? - it spent 20+ minutes saving data to my computer.

    Loving the X - it's stupid nice.

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