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Discussion in 'iMac' started by KrrSplat, May 3, 2011.

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    Do I have your attention? W00t! Let me explain some stuff. I use an HDPVR to record gameplay from an xbox 360 and PS3. The HDPVR can only accept component input and only supports component out. I currently play on a 32 inch Samsung. Now, what I would like to do is (i think you know where ths is going)use my 27" iMac as a monitor. I KNOW THERE IS A WHOLE THREAD ABOUT THIS, JUST HEAR ME OUT! I was wondering if using a DVI to mini display port adapter coupled with a component to DVI would work. From what I understand, the iMac can't scale 1080p up to the imacs full resolution, which is why people buy products like the Atlona, but, I was wondering if I was trying to use a 720p source would the image show up on the screen?<Run on sentence FTW.
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    If get what the setup is, I think it's: MDP > DVI. I'm not clear as to why you need to go through component.

    Is it pretty much working, except it's a scan line or two inside the display area? If that's the case there should be an adjustment to remove it trough the on-screen display options.
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    I need to use the componet cables because the HDPVR is a video passthrough box. The only connections on the HDPVR are component connections, NO HDMI. I dont need or want to run my video at the iMacs full resolution, and if I understand correctly, the iMac supports 720p input.

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