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Aug 23, 2018
So I'm currently trying to write a screenplay for a short film for my film class but I've been very stuck for good ideas for about three months now. I have to write either a screenplay with 1600-1800 words or do a short film of 4-5 minutes, either way I have to think up of a good idea.

The criteria states I have to include one of the following:
  • a narrative twist
  • a narrative which begins with an enigma (so basically a mystery)
  • a narrative which establishes and develops a single character
  • a narrative which portrays a conflict between two central characters

The ideas I've had just seem stupid and I don't feel happy with them at all, I actually feel slightly embarrassed about how bad they are. I'm not asking for a full story as I know that would be unfair but some help would be much appreciated!

If it helps, here's the ideas I came up with originally (please don't laugh, this are not developed at all as i don't know what else to write):
  1. The whole world is black and white and that's the normal for everyone. One day it suddenly turns to colour and of course everyone is confused and panicked. In the craziness the main character that we follow throughout is knocked over and then she wakes up and realised it's all a dream. (I didn't really know how to include one of the criteria here so don't judge that last bit - could be the twist??)
  2. A mysterious man follows and watches the main character. She rushes off to get her train and the man ends up sitting right next to her. A awkward conversation occurs and once the train gets to a station he gets up to leave and he hands her an envelope. She looks rather confused of course and then he gets off the train with a creepy smile. (this is how far i got with this one)

I really hate both of those ideas so if anyone could possibly help/guide me to get some new ideas I would be really grateful. Thank you in advance!!
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