I need to extract data from this iPhone 6+.. SOS

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    My friend gave me his iPhone (6 Plus) and asked me to get his information off of it. Not sure what happened to this iPhone, but the screen is cracked. I plug it into a power supply and it says that it's charging, then goes to the apple logo, then goes to a black screen (NOT turned off, just a black screen with the backlight still on..)

    Weird thing is, if I connect it to my laptop, it won't turn on or anything like that. It only does that via lightning port that's plugged /into the wall outlet/

    If I force it into restore mode (home button and power button,) iTunes DOES see the phone in recovery mode.. but I can't do that because I'm trying to get his data off first.

    I've tried flashing a firmware onto the phone manually (I think the OS is corrupt?) with 3utools but it fails at the "Sending NORData" stage.. Not sure what NORData is, to be honest.

    Any ideas?

    I was looking at ReiBoot but I don't want to pay for it.
    Not sure what my options are here.
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    Does your friend have a recent icloud backup?

    Does the phone require a pin or password to unlock it? If it does,connecting to iTunes is not going to help because iTunes will ask you to unlock the phone, assuming the phone can boot properly, before copying off the data.
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    Hi were you able to sort this out
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    Sounds like this phone may have a logic board hardware issue.

    To be certain, you could try to disconnect all of the cameras buttons and sensors from the logic board (always battery first!), leaving only the dock flex and battery connected. Then connect it to an iTunes enabled computer. If it's recognized, then one of those peripherals is causing the phone to fail. If it doesn't, then the problem is with the logic board (or maybe the dock). That will require a higher level of troubleshooting and would typically be done by a shop that does micro-soldering.

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