I need to organize duplicates, help.

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    Hi guys.

    My boyfriend passed away two years ago. I have the drives with all our stuff and works and there are several back ups of everything. Like the same song 7 times, same videos 4 times and so on. I have some 6 terabites and I am sure I can reduce it to half easy. But I wonder if there is some sort of application that can help me out with that specially with pictures, videos and music. Everything is in a Mac Pro from 2008 with an internal 8TB drive (two 4TB in raid). And I want to get rid of this computers and have everything in one single Thunderbolt drive or something. I do not want to go over everything manually, on one hand it will take for ever but if I leave everything as is I may lose everything if something goes wrong with the raid. Sorry for the previous drama. Thank you.
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    I use Gemini to scan my Mac and find duplicate files. It has a beautiful and simple UI. It's easy to use.
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    I also use gemini. I then have Daisy disk if I want to investigate where the bulk of my files are.

    Not sure how they work with RAID.
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    It sounds like you do not have any backup. The first thing I would do is get everything backed up (which is not simple because you have such a large dataset). I would get two 4 TB stand alone drives and and manually copy about half of the data to one drive, and the other half of your data to the other. While not a true backup... at least you will have a snapshot of all your data.

    RAID of any flavor (IMHO) is actually more prone to data loss than single spindle drives. In your case, it appears that you have RAID-0 which is extremely risky.

    Assuming you actually care about that data... then I would do the above first, and then worry about de-duplication.


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