I want an Apple/Google Cable Company Please????

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Todisco, Sep 15, 2011.

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    A question suddenly struck me - with all these companies such as Google, Apple and Yahoo willing to spend Billions on sites like Hulu and YouTube that have very limited content, why can they not just start their own cable/satellite company like Verizon is doing? Verizon started doing it with FIOS, but what is stopping these other industry mammoths from tossing a few satellites up for a billion a piece.

    Maybe they can even give us some low price options for content and stop people from downloading pirated media :eek: . It's doubtful, but I could have wet dreams about a cable company run by Apple with top of the line, slick equipment or dirt cheap "Google Cable" with interactive ads running at the bottom of the screen.

    Give me options people!!! I am sick getting gouged to watch sports and an hour a week of True Blood. :confused:
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    Apple and Google are not going to spend billions of dollars to penetrate markets when they will later bicker what content should be transmitted.

    Also, the size of the investment is pretty high given they'll have to set up infrastructure from scratch in many places (example New Orleans where only Cox Cable has it set up) and then fight many cable monopolies.

    It's much easier for them to have cable companies worry about that and just put their stuff on the internet as they do now.
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    It's bad enough letting Google know what I look up, the last thing I want is them knowing which porn I want on demand.
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