i7 2.6ghz vs possible broadwell/haswell on 2014/15 refresh

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by hcclnoodles, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Hi there

    I, like many of us on here are deliberating infuriatingly over whether to splash the cash on the 1.5 year old model , or hang on for the refresh (if one comes). So i just wanted to ask the architecture gurus a question if i may...

    Aside from graphics performance (which I am not interested in at all to be honest), what will the likely performance gain be from the 2.6Ghz ivy bridge i7's in the current model to the latest Haswell/broadwell I7's that will likely be on the refresh ?

    Im talking from a pure grunt point of view here (note: i will be upgrading to 16Gb and SSD as well).. let me tell you my use case ..

    I am looking to run at least a few (up to 4/5 if possible) Vmware fusion VM's on the mini without impacting in any way the underlying performance and snappiness of OSx .. I'm assuming with the hyper-threading and ability to allocate vCores and dedicate RAM to each VM then i can ring fence performance leak to the main OSx instance ... My VM's will be mainly Centos/Fedora/ubuntu .. but i will probably have one Win7 so I can connect to work .

    Ill be running a Plex server on the OSx instance but other than that will not be running highly intensive OSx applications

    Given this use case, will the 2.6Ghz i7 / 16gb / SSD combo offer noticeably less grunt than any broadwell/Haswell equivalent? and if so , by what percentage?

    Again, the performance of the integrated graphics really isnt a biggy for me

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    I am no guru but beside GPU performance it will probably have PCI with TB2
    which will offer greater speed.

    Broadwell will be more energy efficient and generate less heat.

    The Mini is really up in the air for refresh or redesign. You may see one anywhere from June thru next year for Broadwell or maybe never.

    If I was in your circumstances I would go with the 2012. It's a great machine.
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    yeah this is pretty true. see if you can get a refurbished from the apple store.

    they come and go:

  4. RoastingPig, Apr 13, 2014
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    CPU 5-10%
    GPU as much as 150% faster than 4000 if we do indeed get intel 5200 "from the mouths of intel"

    thunderbolt performance is doubled "instead of 10Gbps in each direction its now 20Gbps"
    and possibly we see a second port because the entry level retina macbook and entry level imac all got 2 ports

    pcie ssd "what most cavemen using hd will notice the most." those read and writes range anywhere from 500MBps on the low end capacity to 1.3GBps read and write on the larger 1tb drive seen in the new mac pro

    rite now you could get about 1000Mbps read and write with two ssd's in a mac mini in raid 0

    you can drive two displays natively with the old mac mini. possibly with the new mac mini we will get up to 3 displays natively.

    On the old when daisy chained two thunderbolt displays i believe the hdmi doesn't work, but a 3rd could be added with usb. so on the new with the new graphic horsepower will probably get a bump up to 3 natively

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