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i7 vs i9

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Jul 13, 2019
Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my 13" 2014 MBP. I purchased the computer at the beginning of my university degree and it served it's intended purpose excellently. However my workload has changed, I am now studying design and working as photographer, my workflow consists of drawing on illustrator, editing in photoshop and album design in in design, I handle a lot of raw image files and I need my computer to be good at these things. The computer will be used mostly used on a stand attached to a high res external monitor. I am aware that we are likely to see a refresh next year, but I may no longer have access to a 5k I mac i use when my other device cant handle it.

I am torn between the $3269(aud) i7 15" MBP or the $3799 i9 variant. It's a $530 difference, which is steep, however you do get a better graphics card and 512gb ssd. Are these upgrades relevant for my workflow? Do graphics cards effect photo editing or just video and 3d rendering? Then there is the concern of heat, I hear that the i9 will run very hot and I question how that constant heat will undermine the longevity of the internals. Finally, will the i7 run that much cooler anyway?

I am very confused and will very much appreciate your input.

Many thanks



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Dec 10, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Many reviewers say that for the Graphics Card and SSD size alone, it's worth upgrading to the higher end base model. The newer 2019 i9 don't run as hot as the 2018 6-core variation as well. It is believed that Apple is possibly under volting the CPU.
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Apr 11, 2014
I have a 2019 15" MacBook Pro base model 2.6/16/256/555x/6-core

Got it recently and I'm very happy with it no problems. I heard somewhere maybe youtube that the difference isn't much between i9 and i7 but tbh I think that was for last years model maybe and it was when all the thermal throttling scandal happened. So maybe it's fixed now and also I don't know if it applies to this years model.

To me, having an 8-core sounds amazing especially in a laptop but my worry would be wether or not heat would make it less useful
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